Thursday, April 12, 2012

TILT: Typewriters!

What do I love today? Typewriters! I am obsessed with them lately. I've never even used a typewriter, but I suddenly want one (or two or seventeen). I have been told to check thrift stores and such, but until then, check out these beauties...

Red Underwood Typewriter by BrooklynRetro --*swoon* love love love the red!! Eep!

White Challenger Typewriter by WWVintage --I would put this one in our dining room which is done in a 70s retro and yellow and avocado green. :)

Mint Green Typing Hermes Typewriter by Becaruns --gorgeous minty green color!

Blue Portable Kids Typewriter by Lauraricker --I love this one because it's actually a kid's version so it's lightweight and smaller...probably perfect for my small hands lol.

Do you have a typewriter? What kind/color? Did you find it at a thrift shop or somewhere else? Do you actually use it or is it a pretty decoration? Inquiring minds (IE: Me!) want to know. :)


  1. I love the way typewriters feel when you use them. that beautiful heavy tactile response. Even the electric ones.

    I had a giant ugly one, but I used it to write essays in high school (but really, I'm not that old, I was just old fashioned)

    1. Ooh...that makes me want one even more! :) I think I'm going to go this weekend and start really searching for one.