Thursday, April 2, 2015

TILT: The Random Files

Today's Things I Love Thursday is full of the random. Because it's the day before a holiday (see first picture of how I will feel at 4:30 lol) and I am so ready!! What are you loving this week? Do you have a holiday too & what are you going to do on it?

I have been way into Guns N' Roses again lately and 90s rock in general. I even created a Pandora station for it! There's just this huge feeling of going home when you listen to music from your teen years. Do you feel that? Also...Slash is totally my main rockstar crush still. ;)

My kitty cat, Binky. He's going to be 16 this summer and still acts like a rotten toddler...pulling his toys out all over the living room, leaving his treats on the floor, watching Sesame Street all afternoon lol. I love him though.

The Tsum Tsum game on my phone & also the cute little stuffies. Totally addicted. My favorite on the game is Jessie.

I'm rereading the Hunger Games trilogy at work right now, for the first time. I first read them back in 2010, as the last book was coming out. I'm really enjoying it more than I thought I would!
(pic by AntonioPringles on Flickr)

I finished watching Orange is the New Black (I know, I was so far behind!) and needed something new/old to watch, so I'm trying Parks & Recreation and Weeds. I'm only 2 episodes in, but I really like Weeds so far! (No spoilers please!)

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