Thursday, June 28, 2012

TILT: Crazy Bookshelves!

Yay! Back to Things I Love Thursday! :) you may or may not know, I have issues with bookshelves. Mine is old and rickety and exploding at the seams and overflowing onto my trunk and another shelf that I really want to get rid of. And yet, I haven't replaced it because it's really hard to find the perfect one! I'm sure I'll eventually want one custom built. But for now, let's enjoy these crazy bookshelves I found on Pinterest, k? Oooo-tay!!

Spiral Bookshelf: I think this would be awesome for my Baby-Sitters Club books, don't you? I'd probably need two or three and it to go around the outside too though lol.

Piano Books: What a great way to upcycle an old piano! I have a family friend who plays the piano that this would be perfect for! ;)

Under the Stairs: Even better than a cupboard under the stairs, how about some book storage?

Dr Who Phone Booth: Okay, I know nothing about Dr Who, except that there is a phone booth a lot of the time? Does he change costumes there? Travel back in time? Or maybe just store his books in there? I don't know, but this is cool!

(my apologies for not giving the original links; if you are the owner of one of these fabulous bookshelves/pictures and want credit or your pic removed, please contact me or comment below!)

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