Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Did You Miss Me? I Missed You.

Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone?? Lol...I apologize for the unexpected break, I really didn't mean to take off for a full month. But lots of things happened, including losing our sweet Fuzzy kitty unexpectedly, and I just didn't feel like writing for a while. :( Here she is in my sister's bright pink room, with a cute little bow on her head. <3

Okay...moving on! I have of course been reading still. I am at 47% of my reading goal for the year, which is good enough for me. You can check out my progress here if you are interested! I stopped reading the BSC books until I got my Super Special review done, which I am happy to say I did yesterday and it will be up tomorrow! I hope to have the 3rd BSC All Grown Up out Friday or Saturday too. :) So, now I have to get back to reading those. (I have the next "What Claudia Should Have Worn" already done and everything!)

I finished 1Q84 and enjoyed it immensely, while also being completely confused. I read my classic for June last week, Cannery Row, and loved it. I will have a review of it up early next week. I'm going to start The Fault In Our Stars finally for July's book club and am very excited for that. And I think I'm going to read Bitterblue for my work book after I finish The White Queen (which is just as good and trashy as any other Philippa Gregory book lol).

So that's where I am personal and book-wise. How about you? Anyone still out there? What are you reading, did read, looking forward to reading? Any suggestions for future classics? I have a couple on my to-read shelf, but I want to hear what you loved and think I should read too!

And I leave you with this silly little drawing that I found on Pinterest, which has been taking up waaaay too much of my time lately! (As always, follow me here & comment below for an invite!)


  1. So sorry to hear about your kitty :( but so glad youre back! looking fwd to your reviews, especially "fault in our stars" as i keep hearing about it and am.wondering whether to read it.
    I just started "age of miracles" by Karen somebody {don't have it right here, sorry!} so far it is good and living up to the twitter hype!
    Hope you're ok hun xxx

    1. Thanks so much Rachel! I'm glad I'm back too, I've missed writing about books. :)
      Age of Miracles looks good, I may have to add it to my (ever growing) to-buy list!
      <3 Jenn