Thursday, June 27, 2013

TILT: Book Posters: Get Radical with Reading!

With all the politically-ness this week, I thought I'd use that as a jumping off point for my first "Things I Love Thursday" in 3 months! (Can't believe it's been that long!) The theme made sense in my head, but I'm not sure how well it transferred to this post. Oh well, still some fun things!

(as always, if you do not want your work linked, please contact me!)

Real Men Read by Edward Gorey --I would personally love this as a poster print or even note cards. I think it is so important for a parent to show their child that reading can be enjoyable. And I think that's almost more important for men to show their doesn't make you less "masculine" to read, even if you're reading romance books with bright pink covers. You can get some good tips for "wooing" in there. ;)

Cost of Libraries quoted by Walter Cronkite --seriously. No more budget cuts for libraries! They should have amnesty or whatever. And a raise. And cupcakes. Yeah.

Librarians are Generals found on ForgottenBookmarks (if you know the original source, let me know!) --this would make a great t-shirt for casual day at the library. :) Going with the previous quote though, librarians are awesome. Use them!

Twilight or War & Peace quoted by Rae Carson --honestly, I don't care what you're reading as long as you are. I may judge you a little bit for picking up 50 Shades, but if that gets you to read when previously you weren't? Good for you! Who am I to critique your reading choices? I read everything from classics to comics!


  1. I love all of these! Where do you find them?!

    1. Thank you! I find most of them on Pinterest and some on Etsy...I'm addicted to Pinterest lol, you can check out my book board here! :)