Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: "Kidnapped! Sweet Valley High #13"

Kidnapped! Sweet Valley High #13 by Francine Pascal
4 out of 5 stars

Before Reading: Ermahgawsh this looks scary! It looks like it should be one of the Super Thrillers.

The Main Plot in 50 Words or Less: Liz gets kidnapped by this creepy guy that works at the hospital. Jess thinks it's kind of her fault and feels super guilty.

The Second Plot in 20 Words or Less: New family in town: Regina & Nicholas Morrow. Regina is deaf & possibly a bad girl. Jess wants Nicholas.

Opening Line: "Steve, can you help me with this zipper, please?" Jessica Wakefield called as she raced down the hall to her brother's room.

Closing Lines: She had a strong suspicion that Nicholas hadn't reacted this way with Jessica. And she dreaded what would happen when Jessica found out.

Best WTF Line: Gently he ran his thick, stubby fingers across her hair and then unwound her braid, slowly, methodically, until her soft blond hair fell to her shoulders. 

Happenings in SV: There's a new family in town: Regina & Nicholas Morrow, and they're throwing a welcoming party for themselves? I don't know, it didn't really make sense. Liz & Jess have a party at the end of the book to celebrate Liz getting rescued. Todd & Liz are super intense at the party & Mrs Wakefield doesn't like it.

Fashion Icons:  (lots of fashion in this one!) Jessica had a knack for picking out clothes that made her look her best-although even a burlap sack couldn't conceal her perfectly proportioned figure. This dress was no exception. The iridescent material matched her brilliant, blue-green eyes, and the neckline of the sleeveless dress was about as low as a sixteen-year-old could get away with. [Jessica] really thought her brother was the most handsome guy in Sweet Valley. Steven was dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. His black-leather aviator jacket was flung over his shoulder. 

Now Elizabeth won't have to waste time choosing an outfit, Jessica told herself, as she fingered a long, red velour skirt. A few hangers down the rack, Jessica found an off-white, high-necked blouse that completed the outfit.

As usual, Caroline Pearce [Miss Nosy of the Year] was the picture of respectability, her pink shirtwaist dress buttoned right up to the collar, her red hair clipped back neatly.

[Regina] had long, wavy, black hair, a porcelain complexion, and dancing blue eyes. Her black silk jumpsuit fit her tall, statuesque body perfectly. 

Twin Hijinks:  Jess gets a nagging feeling that something is wrong with Liz at the beginning of the book, but she shrugs it off. At the end of the book, Jess goes to the hospital to look around and runs into Carl, the crazy guy. He thinks she's Liz and freaks out. He seemed almost possessed, his eyes bulging out of their sockets, his voice desperate as he cried out her twin's name. Nicholas confuses the twins too at the end and it looks like he likes one twin more than the other. Oooh...

Other Thoughts: Finally, a book with Steven in it! Steven's girlfriend, Tricia Martin, has leukemia. Jessica's friend, Cara, likes Steven and Jess told her that maybe after Tricia dies, they could start over again. *snort* Liz's kidnapping was really scary. You're supposed to feel bad for Carl, because he's kind of slow, but yeah, I don't. He's smart enough to lie to the cops and try to get Liz out of town. Max Dellon, guitarist for The Droids, has to pass English to stay in the band. His dad is a real jerk, Liz is supposed to tutor him, & obviously doesn't show up. Max goes to look for her & ends up getting arrested and accused of doing something with her. Todd fights him but then realizes he didn't do anything. Todd, Jess, & Max go junior sleuthing and end up being the ones to find out where Liz is.

The Next Book*: Will Elizabeth leave Todd for Nicholas? Find out in Sweet Valley High #14, DECEPTIONS.

*(not necessarily what I'll be reading)

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