Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: "Deceptions: Sweet Valley High #14"

Deceptions: Sweet Valley High #14 by Francine Pascal
2 out of 5 stars

Before Reading: Yes! This is the next one after the Kidnapping! I finally have two in a row! That guy is not the studly Todd Wilkins!! Also, did Elizabeth get a haircut? Those swoopy bangs are NOT flattering. This is another book from the International Order of Rainbow Girls. :)

The Main Plot in 50 Words or Less: Follow-up to Liz's kidnapping, now she has to deal with the new guy's advances. Is she in love with Nicholas? What about Todd? What about Jessica?

The Second Plot in 20 Words or Less: Jessica uses her feminine wiles to get Randy, a computer nerd, to hack into school computers and change her grade.

Opening Lines: "Come on in," Elizabeth Wakefield said to the tall, good-looking boy who was standing in the doorway of the Wakefield home. But Nicholas Morrow didn't move. His dark, soulful eyes were riveted on Elizabeth.

Closing Lines: "Maybe it's just a false alarm," Jessica said, putting her arms around her sister. Elizabeth grasped at this slender straw. "Maybe," she said. "But Mom & Dad want us to meet them at the hospital right away. Steve's already there."

Best WTF Lines: "This is called a floppy disk." and "Do you think I've lost all my charm? Am I old?"

Happenings in SV: The book opens right where the last one ended, with Liz's welcome home party from being kidnapped. Nicholas is immediately infatuated with Elizabeth, instead of Jessica, who is in love with him. Nicholas insists that Liz go out with at least once and she finally agrees because she's a nice person., the dude is pushing it too far. Also, hello? She's completely in love with Todd, star basketball player and local teen heartthrob. Nicholas takes Elizabeth to a super fancy restaurant where they run into Todd & his family. Liz pretends to be Jess but it backfires (of course) and she manages to hurt both Todd & Jess. There's an important basketball game towards the end against bitter rivals Big Mesa and Todd plays horribly at first because of his broken heart. But it all works out in the end and everyone is happy and Liz & Todd get back together.

Steven is totally a bummer the whole book because his girlfriend, Tricia Martin, is going to die soon. So inconsiderate of him (according to Jess). Jessica gets Randy to change her math grade, but they get caught. Surprisingly, she agrees to confess to the principal, but only if Elizabeth goes with them. She does and manages to keep them both from getting suspended or into any kind of trouble.

Fashion Icons: [Regina] wore a stunning blue dress that highlighted her eyes and set off her light complexion. Her hair, worn long, was as dark and wavy as Nicholas'.

[Jessica] was wearing a pale-blue miniskirt and a matching V-neck sweater.

"Cara Walker says the dresses that just came in at Foxy Mama's are fabulous."

He [Todd] was wearing a new white polo shirt that showed off his dark tan and lean, muscular build.

For her date with Nicholas, Elizabeth "decided on a natural-silk shantung dress that was practically the color of her honey-blond hair. The style was simplicity itself, but Elizabeth dressed it up with a pair of matching shoes, a gold belt, and a bracelet." Nicholas "was wearing a pair of charcoal-gray slacks and a black dinner jacket with a tasteful maroon ascot fastened about his neck." Seriously? They both sound hideous and old!!

Twin Hijinks:  Well, Nicholas falls for one twin over the other, even though he knows nothing about either one. When they are out at dinner, Liz pretends to be Jess so she doesn't get in trouble with Todd. He falls for it, but then goes to the girls' house after, to apologize for doubting her, and ends up kissing Jessica, thinking it's Elizabeth. Scandalous!

Other Thoughts: Nicholas Morrow is kind of icky. He redeemed himself by the end, apologizing to Todd, but I don't buy it. I can't remember if he goes bad again later, but I wouldn't put it past him. My main problem with this one was Liz's wishy-washiness (washy-ness?) She says she's soooo in love with Todd but she agrees to go out with this other guy who has professed his love for her after 20 minutes of meeting her. It's okay to go out with a guy friend, but not a guy friend who loves you and wants to steal you away. It seemed very sleazy and like she was channeling Jessica thru most of the book.

The Next Book*Is this really the end for Tricia Martin? Find out in Sweet Valley High #15, PROMISES.

*(not necessarily what I'll be reading)


  1. Ha! I totally forgot that Nicholas Morrow was kinda creepy to begin with. I always thought he was teh hottie of Sweet Valley. Imma blame it on the Liz Wakefield Effect. Have you read the Prom Thriller mini-series? It's my absolute FAVOURITE SWEET VALLEY THING EVER. Ahem. There's a totes adorbs b-plot with him and Olivia (who was also one of my favourites.) I am totally going to dig my copies out for a re-read. I wish they would make Sweet Valley books available for kindle...would love to re-read from the beginning, when Jessica was actually a full on sociopath. They kind of made her nicer as the series went on.

    1. The ones set around "A Night to Remember"?? Yes, those are my favorite favorite too! I still have my originals of those! :) I've been holding off rereading them until I get thru the regular ones, can't wait!
      Maybe they'll put them on Kindle eventually, like Baby-Sitters Club. That would be cool!