Monday, February 14, 2011

Review: "Dawn & The Impossible Three: The Baby-Sitters Club #5"

Dawn & The Impossible Three: Baby-Sitters Club #5 by Ann M Martin
3 out of 5 stars

I know, I know...I'm a little behind on my reviews! With no internet at home, it seriously cuts in on my bloggy blogg writing. ;) I will try to get caught up soon, I swear! Cause I know my 3 readers miss me haha!! (I heart you btw!)

Okay, on to the review. This is the first book with Dawn, Miss California...I'm not crazy about Dawn. She always seemed kind of whiny to me: "I hate cold weather. I'm still not sure what the big deal about New England winters is all about. Back in California, we had one season: summer. I thought it was wonderful. I loved the beach, I loved sunshine, I loved eighty-degree Christmases." Okay, now I know what you're saying: "Jenn (that's me), you just said in the paragraph above this how you've had bad weather and you hate it". Yes, I know...but I don't spend alllll the time complaining about it. I swear! ;) Dawn is as bad with California as Stacey is with New York.

This book starts out with Dawn babysitting the Pikes and then rushing off to another BSC meeting with Mary Anne, who is wearing her FIRST EVER sweatshirt and pair of jeans. Really???? She's never had jeans before now??? Jeez, her dad was seriously Mr Stick-in-the-Mud. They have the misfortune to run into Claudia's sister, Janine, who tries to give them a grammar lesson. Blegh...

In today's episode of "How Gross are the Hot Lunches at Stoneybrook Middle School" we have: "...grayish tuna salad, potato chips, limp green beans, a Popsicle, and milk." Eeewww...I don't blame Kristy & Mary Anne for bringing the same thing every day: "peanut butter & jelly sandwich, an apple, a bag of Doritos, and a box of fruit juice." Actually, that sounds pretty good. :)

Okay, anyway! MaryDawn's (did you see what I did there? Lol) parents are still dating and the girls finally realize that they could maybe, someday, possibly be SISTERS!! Hi foreshadowing, good to see you again! And Kristy is um...peeved. Mary Anne is HER BFF and she knows MA best, blah blah blah...

Dawn takes a big babysitting gig for the Barrett kids, who's mom sounds suspiciously like Dawn's only messy Bessy instead of scatter-brained Suzy. Although...confession time...the description of the Barrett's house kind of reminded me of my own. Hah! Now you know...we're little pigs! :) I love Marnie the best cause she makes the "ham face" by scrunching up her face! So Dawn makes a classic babysitting mistake and cleans up the house and the kids, thereby setting a precedent for every proceeding engagement....sorry I was channeling Janine! She makes a boo-boo and now Mrs Barrett expects it.

We also get to see the first game of "Let's All Come In" which is a fantabulous game that Karen Brewer invented and I totally want to be Mrs Noswhimple. Oh!
And there's a "What Stacey is Wearing"! "She was wearing a simple pink t-shirt under a baggy jumpsuit with big pink and red flowers all over it. Her permed hair bounced over her shoulders." I added some accessories. :)

So...Dawn is babysitting the Barrett kids one afternoon and the boy goes missing for a few hours, which is actually a pretty intense scene, calling the cops and everything. Turns out his dead-beat dad picked him up to teach mom a lesson, which would totally end him up in jail these days. Everything turns out okay though and since Dawn is such a super-sitter, Kristy learns to love (tolerate) her and even makes her the official Alternate Member or whatever.


  1. Ha! I'd completely forgotten about Janine.
    I am going to have to hunt out some of these books...I used to love them (not quite as much as Sweet Valley, but, y'know, close!)
    And I love your polyvores :) ace xx

  2. I love the Sweet Valley books too, but they are sooooo hard to find for some reason! I've never seen any of the Twins ones and very few of High in the half price bookstores.
    And thank you very much! They're lots of fun to make when I should be working. lol...

  3. I really hate how books like that perpetuate the total lie that the weather here is "Summer all the time". That's complete and utter BS. Half the year it's raining, and the other half it's in the 60's. That's not SUMMER weather. It's mild.
    Also, Nor Cal gets all 4 seasons.