Thursday, February 3, 2011

TILT: Sunshine!!

Like everyone else in the country (world!?), we've been having super yucky weather here in Texas this week. Ice storms, wind advisories, below zero windchills, coldest temps in 15 years, rolling blackouts! Blegh...and hey, we're hosting the Super Bowl this weekend! Yay! *Sarcasm sign* (I have to put up a sarcasm sign when texting my sister, because she doesn't get it sometimes! Hah!) My work has actually been closed the last 3 days and today was the first day we've been able to get out. Made it all the way across the parking lot to our mom's! Lol...and I've also read 3 books and working on a 4th this week! :) Should have at least one more review up tomorrow!

So, what do I love this week? Sunshine!!

Sun Painting by SunnyDaysStudio --bold and simple!

Summer Love Print by JeannieBluePhoto --"Tired of this cold, snowy winter?" Most definitely!

You Are My Sunshine Card by SmockPaper --share the love!

Yellow Ranunculus Flower Clip by JoyfulJessica --so pretty!

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