Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm still here! And Etsy Faves!

Hi All! I'm still here I swear! I know I haven't done a review in about a week, but I am still reading. :) I've got about 4 BSC books to review (eep!) and a couple of others. Oh and I'm about to start on the first BSC Super Special!! Woo! I will try to get at least one review up by Friday.

To hold you over though, how about some more Etsy hearts reading? =D

"My Favorite Book is Blue" Print by Trafalgarrsquare --This little hedgehog is the cutest thing ever!

"The Librarian's Locket" Necklace by ForevermoreCreations --The locket opens up! So you could put like a picture of Professor Snape or Logan Bruno in it lol....

"I Like Big Books" Bumper Sticker by BookFiend --haha! Love!! My sister and I used to know and sing allll the words to Big Butts. My mom loved it. Not!

"I Heart Books" Zipper Pouch by Kukubee --so sweet! I really love this!

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