Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm baaaa-aaaack....

Ugh, I totally suck! 4 months off would be awesome for work (with pay of course lol), not so much for blogging. I've been in a major crafting, blogging, anything slump. But I'm feeling the urge to do stuff again, so here I am! :) Luckily, I haven't stopped reading (never!!) so I have plenty of books to review. See...all the books I've read and need to review!

I've got 3 reviews lined up already, plus many, many more. And hey, I've been kinda busy! I went to the zoo...
And I had a birthday! My mom and sis made & decorated the cupcakes! :)
And we went to Galveston! Someone left this seahorsey on the beach for me to discover.
And remember that TILT: Sunshine I did back in February? Well this week it's going to be a TILT: Snowflakes lol. Yep, Texas weather strikes again. We are well on the way to breaking the record of 42 consecutive days of temps over 100 F set back in 1980 (coincidentally, the year I was born...which my mom never fails to remind me of :]) Yay.

Okey-doke...back to work and look for a BSC review later this afternoon! Woot!

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