Thursday, November 17, 2011

TILT: Bookmarks!

I love bookmarks. I do not love dog-eared pages or using trash as bookmarks (which my sister has been known to do, even though I made her a super cute bookmark to use!! *rant*). I need to make or buy me some new ones, some of mine are getting pretty old and worn out. What's your favorite kind of bookmark? Here's some cute ones to get you started! :)

Wicked Witch Bookmark by IansCafe --love the little feet sticking out of the book...makes me giggle!

Doctor Who Blue Tardis Bookmark by BohoBearPaperStudio --I've never watched Doctor Who, but I have lots of Twitter friends who *love* it. I do like the 3D-ness of it! :)

Chocolat Friends Bookmark Set by Ribonita --so, so, so cute! Reminds me of Blythe dolls!

Animal Bookmarks PDF Crochet Pattern by RachelsCrochet --you can make your own bookmarks with this pattern! How cute is that little piggy??

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