Thursday, December 1, 2011

TILT: Bookends

Gosh I suck...I haven't posted a review in 2 weeks. I'm sorry, I promise to try harder! How about a little TILT gift-giving idea session for now? :)

In case you haven't noticed, today is December 1st, which means Christmas is 24 days away. (It is not my intention or purpose to exclude other holidays like Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, but since I don't know anything about them, I don't want to sound stupid lol, so feel free to educate me on your holiday of choice if you would like!)

Do you ask for books for the holidays? Do you give them? What about book related stuff, like the awesome bookends below? I always ask for books for Christmas (see tomorrow's post for my wishlist heh.) but I usually don't get very many. My sister says they're boring, which is pure hogwash, so she doesn't want to buy them. Even though she picks out a good 30% of my books for me already. O.o My dad will sometimes buy a stack of books, but not every time.

I always want to give books for gifts, but it depends on the person. Stepsis', stepbro, stepmom and dad are all getting books this year. Ssshhhh...don't tell them! :) Sister will get one if I can find one I like for her. (So probably not)

I'd love to get some book accessories, like these bookends below, or bookmarks (I never seem to have enough!), or some of the awesome prints I've posted in the past. How about you? What's on your bookmas* list? (*I am totally making that a word)

Funky Owl Bookends by CraftyCanadadotcom --so cute, especially if they did them in teal and green, which happens to match my bedroom! :)

Bicycle Bookends by KnobCreekMetalArts --what's my favorite thing after books and kitties and peppermint ice cream? Bicycles! If there were kitties riding these bicycles while eating peppermint ice cream, it would be what my dreams are made of. Somebody should draw a picture of this.

A to Z Bookends at Barnes & Noble --so simple and sleek. Love.

Iron Owl Bookends at Barnes & Noble --duh, I totally need more owls!

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