Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: My 10 Best Bookish Memories

This was such a fun/inspiring Top Ten Tuesday on The Broke & The Bookish! I read several people's lists before I started mine and so many of them made me tear up! I thought I would have trouble coming up with my own list, but once I started, they just all came out. I could probably list another 20 or so, but these are the big ones for me. And mostly in order.

1. (I asked my mom her favorite memory on FB this morning and this is what she wrote, which I had basically already decided to use, but I like her wording better!)  Wait...this is it...when you were about 5 or so...you really couldn't read yet and you would get your Fisher Price recorder and book /tapes and you would lay on the floor in the living room and pretend you were reading..because you had memorized it...and Ally would scramble down there beside you...and you would pretend you were reading to her... lol... Awwwwww... what a cute memory...you were a little teacher way back then...love you!

2. Playing school with all the neighborhood kids and always being the teacher because I was the oldest girl and I wanted to read to them. Also, knowing even before I started school that I wanted to be a teacher or a librarian when I grew up. (Sadly, I'm not either.)

3. Going to the library and getting as many books as I could carry (no limits back then) and reading them all in the 2 week time-frame. Also, checking out The Hunky Dory Dairy nearly every other visit.

4. Going to B. Dalton's and sitting on the floor picking out a Baby-Sitters Club book and then helping my sister pick out a Berenstain Bear's book. We both still have our full collections of each of these series.

5. Collecting Reader's Digest (magazines? books?). I went thru a big faze of reading them each month in junior high/high school and kept them all. Then a friend of my parents gave me a ton of really old ones and I stored them inside this wood trunk thing that my bookshelf stood on. The trunk thing went up to my waist probably and was about 6 feet long? It was *packed* with Reader's Digest. Completely packed. I finally got rid of them in late high school/early college, not really sure why I felt the need to keep them that long.

6. Getting books from my parents. Reading Mommie Dearest at my mom's request. In junior high maybe? Not sure, but I do remember being horrified by it lol. No more wire hangers!! She also got me hooked on VC Andrews. What was she trying to do to me???!! Discovering the world of Xanth from my dad. And the Myth Adventures series by Robert Lynn Asprin (which I have and think I should reread, because it has been probably 15 years! And OMG, I just realized the series is at least 19 books long!!) Nora Roberts. John Grisham. Julian May. Anne McCaffrey. Linda Howard. I could go on and on.

7. Reading the Today section of the newspaper every day when my dad brought it home. Not just for the funny pages, but Ann Landers & Dear Abby, the horoscopes, everything. And the funnies. :)

8. Harry Potter, of course. I didn't start reading them until maybe the 2nd or 3rd book was out? I know I had the first 3 in paperback, so that was at least 2001 (possibly after the first movie even). But after that, I was hooked. I got the set of 4 in hardbound for Christmas and my dad & I fought to read the newest one first. We started going to the movies opening weekend. My sister didn't even like them at first, not until maybe the 3rd movie? And even though she's never read the books (I plan to change that this summer), she LOVES the movies and the wizarding world. Then we got to see the movies in a pre-show starting with Order of the Phoenix, thanks to my stepmom who works for a movie company. :) That was always exciting. And going to a midnight release for the last book at Borders. We stayed for the party, didn't want to wait til midnight, left, went to Target super-early the next morning and picked it up there lol.

9. Deciding last year to read a classic a month. I feel like it is helping expand my reading in a new direction and I'm getting all culture-fied. ;) Plus, I (re)discovered Steinbeck last summer and found some new favorite books. I'm looking forward to what new/old favorites I'll discover this year.

10.Joining Goodreads and tracking my books in 2008. It opened me up to a new world of online book clubs, new authors, blogs, classics I'd never heard of, everything. Reading is my life, not just my hobby. Goodreads was the catalyst for my blog as well.


  1. I love this list! So cute that you read to your sister and to other children!