Friday, July 26, 2013

Mid-Year Resolutions Update

Okay, it's a little bit past mid-year but I've seen several other people updating this week and it reminded me that I did, in fact, make resolutions, so I figured I'd better go see how I was doing. You can view my 2013 resolutions, but I'll recap them some here too.

My not-so-bookish goal was to create more and I have done fairly well with it. I am keeping up with my 365 Pic a Day project, which I am so so happy about. I transferred over to Instagram at the end of May and I love it so much more than (new) Flickr. I've made new friends, gotten lots of new toys because of it, and really enjoy taking my pics for the most part. As far as my other craftiness goes, could use some improvement still. I did start on a Night Circus inspired Blythe doll outfit, which has been a source of great pain and annoyance. It's actually almost done though and as soon as I get the right background stuff for it, I'll share it! And this week I am making and sending out happy mail to some lovely online friends. :) I just feel like I need to do *more* though. Anyway, enough rambling about that!

My book/reading goals: 

1. Enjoy my reading--absolutely, yes I have! I have found and refound so many good books so far this year. I reread my favorite graphic novel series, Strangers in Paradise, found a new favorite in Locke & Key, and talked my sister into joining me in my Annual Summer ReRead of Harry Potter. :)

2. Continue my Classic a Month--I have read a classic every month but I haven't had any super-amazing-blow-my-mind reads like last year. Any suggestions to get me out of my slump? Grapes of Wrath helped some (which I will be reviewing next week), but not all the way there.

3. Goodreads Goal of 130 books--I am doing super wow good with this lol...I've read 89 books so far this year, which is 68% of my goal.

4. Read my Shelf!--erm no...I was doing really good, I made a (rather lofty) goal at the beginning of summer to not buy any books for Jun-Aug. I made it thru the end of June. :) I did read several off of my shelf, but then I replaced them all so...back where I started. Actually 3 more than, bah.

5. Baby-Sitters Club--this is where the goals start going way downhill. :( I've only read/reviewed 5 BSC books this year. I did set up my master list. That's something, right? No? Dang it. And I keep dangling that giveaway in y'alls faces and not doing anything about it. So. I am making a goal for THIS WEEKEND to GET THE BSC GIVEAWAY STUFF TOGETHER AND POSTED FOR MONDAY. Yep, all caps people, I MEAN BUSINESS!

6. Expand my Genres--hmm, does reading more graphic novels count? I didn't think so. Oh wait, I did read a bio of Harper Lee! And I read Twelfth Night by Shakespeare! And...that's about it. Help me! Give me suggestions for nonfiction!

7. Blog More--nope. :p Summer kills me, I just want to go swimming every night and this year has been even busier than usual with birthdays, graduations, holidays, parties, it's hard being popular. Haha j/k!!

8. Blog Redesign--I still want to change it up but I need time and help for that. Maybe this fall. I did do my About Me post.

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