Thursday, March 22, 2012

TILT: Booky Stuff...Random, Yes?

Today's Things I Love Thursday is kind of all over the place with random booky stuff...but that's how I'm feeling this week, so I'll go with it. :)

First up is this book trailer for It's a Book by Lane Smith...I saw a poster for this at my library a few weeks ago and thought it was cute, but didn't realize it was from an actual book. When I stumbled across it on Pinterest, I was pretty excited. I understand the irony of watching a video about a pro-book book but it's still fun. :)

Next up are these aaaamaaaazing illustrations done by Lucy Knisley depicting each of the Harry Potter books/movies in super-quick illustrated posters. They are gorgeous and you should go check them out on her blog, LucyLou and maybe donate her some money for all her hard work! (I did!)

And finally, I have recently (2 minutes ago) discovered the Bookfessions Tumbler and am now obsessed with it. It's funny cause they're true! :) This one also reminds me that I have Half Price Books coupons that I need to use this weekend woot!

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