Thursday, December 13, 2012

TILT: Bookish Christmas Ornaments

Christmas-themed Things I Love Thursday continues this week with bookish ornaments...

(if you do not want to be linked, please contact me!)

Book Page Rosette Christmas Ornament by NeonLoveDesigns --I wish I could make those tiny roses. This is so cool!

Itty Bitty Book Ornament by WaterMarkBindery --so cute, it looks just like a real journal!

Book Ornaments by Moondropshop --I loooove get a set of 9 and they're totally customizable. I would probably do the Harry Potter books Anne of Green Gables and ....I don't know what else. :)

Pages of Book Covered Christmas Ornament by CraftyLady2420 --so simple and fun! And cheap enough that you could buy a whole bunch for a full book-themed Christmas tree!! Oooh...that would be fun.

And a bonus ornament from Sears...kind of expensive, but very pretty. And glittery. I like glittery.


  1. I love those ornaments!
    Did i tell you that a long time ago i did a book binders course and still have all the tools and stuff for it (somewhere >.>)? I actually used to make those tine notebooks at some time! Well, a little larger, but it's the same principle.
    Whenever (or if) i get this place of mine fixed and organized, and pick this up again, i'll think of you :-)

    That book page ornament is very cool btw! If you want to decorate a whole tree with it, i suggest you find a cheap pocket book and make them yourself. With the right glue it'll be a breeze to make these :-)

    1. I've done some book-binding, but I wasn't very good at it lol.

      Oh yeah, those would be super easy to make. I'm just too lazy this year. :P And I couldn't find a small tree I liked for my room. Ally got a pale pink one for her's & she put pearl strands and tear-drop ornaments on it for her room, it's really pretty!