Thursday, December 6, 2012

TILT: Jewelry for Bibliophiles

Things I Love Thursday is continuing with the holiday about some special jewelry made just for us book lovers? :)

Stack of Books Locket by 1LuckySoul --this one is actually sold out right now, but it looks like they bring it back quite often. Plus, there's lots of cool Hunger Games & Harry Potter necklaces too!

Reading Definition Silver Bracelet Cuff by COGnitiveCreations --this bracelet is really awesome...I love the curve of the band and the open book on top!

Wire Wrapped Book Worm Ring by 1ofAkinds --so cute and simple! I'm totally jealous of their skills: whenever I try to do any wire work, it just ends up looking like twisted intestines lol. Hey, maybe I should sell intestine rings!? Nah....

Alcott Pendant Charm by HomeStudio --I love this quote, it perfectly describes me lol.

Bonus Links: This Shakespeare Charm Bracelet by Sophiesbeads is so pretty. I love the colors they used for the books & be sure to check out the rest of their shop! (Harry Potter!!)

And....planning on asking your bibliophile for her bookish hand in marriage? Guarantee she'll say yes if you use this Sterling Silver Literature Book Ring by MAVAStyle. :)) That's like, wow.


  1. Figures, the one I like the most is sold out! Lol, they're all wonderful, though!

    1. Lol...I know, that was my favorite too! Keep checking back though, they may get more. :)