Sunday, December 2, 2012

Special Throw-Back Sunday Play: "The Bubble Barrier"

I thought it'd be nice to do another throw-back Sunday post today. :) This is a play I co-wrote in 6th grade, I believe. And it's quite morbid lol...I'm not sure what the assignment was or what our grade was, but I like to think we did well. Sure, let's go with that. At least I used pretty pink and purple ink. And bonus points for these names, right? Hah!

The Bubble Barrier

Narrator-Because of the extreme air pollution on Earth today, Density Mauve, Tranquility Black, Auchasia Red, and Felicity White move to an underwater bubble barrier near the Great Barrier Reef. As their journey begins, they are making their bubble home.

Density-I want the curtains to be mauve.

Felicity-I don't think so darling, they're going to be white! (Felicity exits right to get the food.)

Tranquility-Black is always a nice change.

Auchasia-I think they should be blood red.

Density-Fiddle-dee-dee, there aren't any windows!

Auchasia-Therefore we need no curtains, Dense!

Tranquility-Come on you guys. Don't argue! The food will be here soon! (The three girls cross to stage left and sit at a table as Felicity enters with four plates of hot food.)

Density-Goody-goody gumdrops! Here she comes with our dinner!

All to Density-Duh!

Felicity-Is everyone's steak alright?

Auchasia-(biting into steak) Hey, wait a minute! Mine's cooked. You know I like mine very raw!

Felicity-Oh, I'm truly sorry!

Auchasia-I'm going to get another steak...raw! (Auchasia exits right and the girls continue talking.)

Tranquility-I bet she brings us back some Dr. Peppers. She's so thoughtful!

Density-Yeah right! (Auchasia comes back in with a raw steak and four Dr. Peppers.)

Tranquility-See, I told you so Density! (They finish eating and, suddenly, they begin to feel sick.)

Felicity-I don't feel so spiffy, you guys!

Density-Who cares about being clean! I feel sick!

Auchasia-She means she feels sick! (They suddenly pass out and a strong, green smoke fills the room. When they wake up, there are bubbles on their stomachs where flesh used to be.)

Felicity-For heaven's sake! I do believe we've been poisoned by the food.

Tranquility-Let's go check it out! (very slowly, they exit to the cellar, where the food is kept.)

Density-I don't think I'm going to make it you guys!

Auchasia-Look over there! (Pointing towards a wall.) What's that stuff dripping through the wall?

Felicity-Something has eaten straight through the barrier!

Density-I wonder what it is......I'll taste it and see!

Tranquility-No, don't! It could kill you!

Auchasia-Oh, come on! Can't we let her?

Felicity-That wouldn't be too grand of us, now would it? Auchasia, you're so interested in knowing what it is, you taste it!

Auchasia-No way!

Density-Wait a sec! I feel brain power coming on! Why don't we just smell it?

Tranquility-Obviously, you don't feel much of it! Yeah, if we smelled it, we'd probably get a big buzz and make matters worse!

(As they are standing there thinking about what to do, water flows into the room, and they all drown.)(Soon the sharks come, and try to eat them, but the acid makes them taste horrible, so the sharks leave. Then the acid eats the rest of their deformed bodies.)

The End!

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