Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Today is my birthday, so I thought I'd do a shameless post for more birthday wishes hah! I am off work today and tomorrow and don't plan on doing much at all. Perfect, right? It's also Mallory Pike's birthday! :) Do you share a birthday with a literary figure? I share one with The Rock and David Beckham too...not too shabby!

Yeah, I don't really have anything else to write lol...I wonder what I'm getting? I didn't really ask for anything, that may come back and bite me. Nah, my family is usually pretty good with presents. :) And I won't really cut you if you touch my cake, I just thought this was hilarious.


  1. Happy birthday lady! :) Hope you have a great day! xx

  2. Yay! Happy belated birthday! That's so awesome that you share your birthday with a literary character! I'm not sure I do... but now I'm going to look in to it!