Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: "Heart Breaker: Sweet Valley High #8"

Heart Breaker: Sweet Valley High #8 by Francine Pascal
3 out of 5 stars

I shouldn't have started reading these, now they're all I want lol. So I'm sure there will be reviews up fairly regularly of these in the next few weeks!

Before Reading: My copy was apparently read in the swimming pool, because it is seriously messed up. I hate that. This one came out in 1984 and cost $2.25. I vaguely remember the cover. Bill needs to work on his upper body, his arms are a little soft. Jessica looks like older Christina in Mommie Dearest.

The Main Plot in 50 Words or Less: Jessica wants Bill Chase, the surfer dude, to love her but she doesn't really want him and doesn't want DeeDee Gordon to have him either. Jess does a school play and thinks she is going to Hollywood.

The Second Plot in 20 Words or Less: Todd's old girlfriend, Patsy, moves back to SV from Paris and Elizabeth feels threatened.

Opening Line: "Kiss me,"Jessica purred seductively in Bill's ear. "Maybe we can get it right this time."
Closing Line: Roger's crush on Lila was worse than hopeless. It was positively heartrending. -Elizabeth
Best WTF Line: "Sweet like a barracuda." -Todd about Jess...funny, but true.

Happenings in SV: Jessica is the lead in the drama club's spring play, Splendor in the Grass. Bill coaches DeeDee in surfing and she gets good enough to take 3rd place in the Women's Junior Surfing Championship. Lila Fowler has a wrap party for the play at her fabulous mansion where the carpet is ankle-deep plush lol.

Fashion Icons: Patsy looked too sophisticated to be in high school. She was wearing a straw-slim skirt belted with a wide leather sash around her tiny waist, and delicate high heels. Her coppery-red hair was cut fashionably short in back, with a tumble of curls that dipped over her forehead. Dressed in comfortable old jeans and a tank top, Elizabeth felt dull and uninteresting in comparison. She was sure Todd had noticed as well. We all noticed, Liz, we all noticed. Also...She [Patsy] looked stunning in a low-cut halter-top jumpsuit made of some shimmery, peach-colored fabric. Saucy.

Twin Hijinks: When Jess thinks she's going to be a famous actress, she suggests that Liz be her stand-in and body-double.

Other Thoughts: I wish I had all of the books now...I didn't think it was a big deal for continuities sake, but it kind of is. I missed Elizabeth's motorcycle accident when she started going out with 2 guys! This Jessica is the one I was looking for though in the previous book...she's manipulative, gets Bill to do anything and everything for her, doesn't care that DeeDee is getting her heart broken, and is determined to be a *star*. Also, Todd is probably the dullest boyfriend ever, what does Liz see in him?? Everyone at school seems to know Patsy from before, except Liz. Weird, right? And no Steven in this book either, not even mentioned arg!

The Next Book*: Roger and Lila have big surprises in store for them in Sweet Valley High #9, LOVE ON THE RUN.

*(not necessarily what I'll be reading)


  1. Sweet valley! Hurrah. yes I go on huge reading jags where they are allll I want to read. I wish they'd bring them out on kindle in the uk so I could buy them all!
    I especially adore the clothing descriptions :)

    1. Well they've put a bunch of the BSC books on Kindle, so maybe they will do these eventually too!
      Oh yeah, the clothing brings out my inner-Claudia Kishi lol.