Thursday, September 5, 2013

TILT: Harry Potter Style

Another year has passed where I didn't get my letter to Hogwarts. Join me, fellow Muggles, in lamenting this fact with Things I Love Thursday centered on the magical world of Harry Potter. And if you were lucky enough to get your letter, maybe check out last year's So Your Child Is Going to Hogwarts. ;)

(if you do not want your shop featured, please contact me!)

Polyjuice Flask by AnchorAvenueDesigns --I wish I had seen this in time for the wedding I went to last Friday lol. I may have to order it for our cruise in January instead!

Monster Book of Monsters by ComicBookAfterlife --love the detail on this! It's a box on the inside, so you can keep all your secret spells and potions safe. I really love this one by LegendaryLeather too!

Gryffindor Swing Set by RaeGun --seriously?? I just died from the cuteness!!

Harry Potter Fantasy Wands by BlackPearlShop --these are a steal of a deal at only $10 each! And such great detail, they would make fabulous stocking stuffers! *hint hint* Lol...

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