Thursday, May 22, 2014

Giveaway: Nrrrd Grrrl Art Print! *CLOSED*

My sister and I went to Dallas Comic-Con last weekend and had tons of fun and bought some awesome artwork and toys. One of the pieces is by an amazing artist, SoloCosmos, who I had actually bought from last year too. When I saw this print, I immediately squealed like a proper fangirl (mostly on the inside though) and had to have it. Then I decided that I had to give one away, because I know you all will love it too! So I bought an extra print and I'm going to give it to one of you. :)

Isn't it adorkable??? The artist, Jessica, is super nice and was just as excited about this print as I was! She told me that she was commissioned by rapper MC Chris to come up with something to go along with his song Nrrrd Grrrl. I was really intrigued, so I went and listened to the song when I got home and it is my new jam!! You can buy and download his music here and Nrrrd Grrrl is on the album "MC Chris is Dead" and mixtape "Fan Remixes Vol 1" just FYI! (I know it sounds like I'm being paid to promote these 2 artists, but I promise I'm not! I'm just fangirling lol...)

Okay and now the giveaway are entering to win a signed by the artist 5x7" giclee print (meaning it's not glossy) of SoloCosmo's "Nrrrd Grrrl".  It's super easy to enter and win, just follow me in one or more of the ways mentioned below and/or comment here telling me what you nrrrd out about! :) The contest is open to everyone around the world (over 18 yrs), runs thru Tuesday the 27th morning, and I'll announce the winner later that day. I hope you're as excited about this print as I am!


  1. What a cute print!!! And thanks for letting us know about the song :-)
    What am i fangirling over? Tom Hiddleston and Loki!! But that is now. I nrrrd out over a lot of things. My video game, movie and book collection mostly. The BBC series Merlin. Marvel movies. Lego video games lol. Recently going to theatre and reading Shakespeare. Supernatural. Basicly all books by Douglas Adams. Lord of the Rings. Playing D&D (i'm surprised i can't see anything about that in the picture, that and Star Trek and Star Wars are the ultimate nerd-doms!). Star Wars. Toys :) .... I'm sure i'm forgetting a few.

  2. Congrats Marise (Wings) for winning this awesome print! Thanks for playing (and to the other entry, I wish I had 2 to give away now!) xoxo

  3. Oh no! Too bad I couldn't participate in the giveaway. Anyway, the print looks amazing. It's nice of you to think of your fans and share that beautiful print with us. Hopefully, I won't be so late next time. More power to you! :)

    Michelle Scott @ Skild®