Thursday, May 29, 2014

TILT: Bookish Gifts for Dads (or Grads)

I kind of hate the "Dads and Grads" phrase, but it's appropriate for the season so I'll go with it. This week's Things I Love Thursday focuses a little more on book lovers of the male persuasion. ;) Obviously, anyone could get these items, but I know I tend to do a lot of female-centric TILTs, so I am trying to change that up a bit.

(if you do not want your item shown here, 
please contact me & I will remove it immediately!)

Book Cuff Links by ExLibrisJewellery --wouldn't these be great to give your dad if you were having a book-themed wedding?? Awww... This shop has lots of other goodies too, I like the necklaces a lot!

3D POW Letters by RoseberryStore --I know my dad would like these and wouldn't they be cool over your graphic novel section?

Don't Worry I Got This Bookends by BlessingAndLight --hah, I love these! Made of concrete blocks, these would be perfect for a "man cave"!

Reading is Cool Skull Art Print by GoGoBookArt --this shop is like the Mecca of book art prints, I love it! This print would be great for Shakespeare lovers, don't you think?

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