Thursday, May 8, 2014

TILT: Book Nerds Get Naughty!

I haven't done a Things I Love Thursday in forever-ever and I miss it! Did you miss it? Did you even know I did this? Lol...well, now you do! This is a (usually) weekly feature of some of the fun and usually bookish things I've found on the interwebs that I want to share with you. I'll always include a link, as long as I can find it, to the original site/person and if they want to be removed, I will immediately do so. And I always want to hear about what you're loving this week, so comment below or send me a link! Maybe eventually I'll try to do a link chain? That would be fun.

So! This week I thought we'd get a bit naughty. But just a smidge, because I don't want to have to get the censor bars out. ;) Just because we're book nerds doesn't mean we can't have a little fun too. Also, how do you feel about the term "nerd"? Do you prefer "geek"? I tend to think of "dork" as too negative, myself.

Book Lovers Sachet by SewGeekySachets --I didn't even realize this was a scented sachet when I faved it and that makes it even better! This way you can be secret naughty.

I Read Past My Bedtime Pendant by ThePendantChick --I totally do, especially in the summertime. Something about those long, hot evenings where you just want to stay in the air conditioning and read all night long. :)

Book Lovers Pin/Magnet by FOTSDesigns --so true. I'm gathering quite a collection of book nerd buttons on my cork-board, this would be a great addition!

Book Lovers Mug by Alisa Bobzien --ah yes, the book boyfriend. We are all well acquainted with that, aren't we? ;)

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