Monday, July 7, 2014

Mid-Year Resolutions Review

It's roughly mid-year and that means it's time to look back at the resolutions I/you/we made at the beginning of the year and see how we're doing. Me? I've lost my focus. Which is not good, since that was my word for the year. Wow, am I not doing well on most of these!

1. Goodreads Goal of 110 Books--this is one of the few things I'm actually succeeding at lol. I've read 84 books so far this year, 76% of my goal. Lots of great ones too and only a few duds.

2. Read 20 BSC Books--nope nope. I've only read 4 so far! womp womp. Maybe I should readjust that to at least 1 a month.

3. To-Read Shelf on 1 Shelf--hahahaaaa...that's funny. As you can see from this Instagram video, I am back up to a shelf plus 3/4 of the one below it again.
4. Vlogging--I haven't worked up the courage to do a video with me in it or just speaking yet. I want to though! Any tips for a first-timer? How do you get past the nerves and the fact that your voice sounds like Minnie Mouse on video? Lol...

5. Classic a Month--Yes!! I'm doing this! Woo! I did get a little behind in March, but I'm all caught up again now. I haven't branched out much yet this year though. I really want to read another play soon.

6. More Non-Review Posts--have I been doing this? Hang on, let me go check. Okay, I started a feature for My Favorite Children's Books, but I've only done 2 so far. I was talking this weekend about how I wanted to start that back up again though. I did a fun post on reading quirks inspired by my lovely sister. Oh!! I started my Summer of Being Cool Chicks silliness and...fizzled out a little. Boo. I suck. This weekend! I'm getting back to it! Pinky swear!

7. Enjoy Blogging--I think I am, for the most part. When I didn't feel like blogging for awhile, I didn't push myself. I have noticed though, that I when I am blogging regularly, I want to. Does that make sense? I've had the feeling of being very sloth-like lately and am trying to get out of that.

8. Use my Library--yes! The one closest to us reopened in February and we've been going several times a month.

So that's where I am right now...I hope you are doing better with your goals/resolutions than me!

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