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Review: "Secrets: Sweet Valley High #2"

Secrets: Sweet Valley High #2 by Francine Pascal
2 out of 5 stars

Before Reading: This is one I got at the library book sale a few weeks ago and got to go back to the beginning to fill in some of the stories I've already read, so I was pretty excited about that. Haven't managed to find #1 yet though. My copy was a reprint from 1991, the original came out in 1983. That's crazy. And the reading level is 12 and up? Okay.

The Main Plot in 50 Words or Less: Jessica wants to be queen of the fall dance so she can win Bruce Patman. She will do anything to win. Anything.

The Second Plot in 20 Words or Less: Jessica finds out a secret about Enid, her competition for the dance. She uses it to win.

Opening Lines: "My very own sister! How could she do such a hideous thing to me?" Jessica Wakefield fumed.

Closing Lines: There was a hint of invitation in his smile, and more than a spark of interest in his sexy blue eyes. Some of her misery faded. Could it be? ...

Best WTF Lines: (George's letter to Enid) "It's like the time we took all those bennies, and before we knew it we were cooking along in the GTO doing eighty or ninety..."

"Well, actually, I've never been dumped by anyone, but I can imagine what it's like. You must feel awful!"

Happenings in SV: Ken Matthews might be having an affair with their French teacher, Ms Dalton. She's 25 years old and completely denies it, of course. Does it come back up again later? Who knows. Lila has another party, because her daddy is ignoring her again. Jessica pretends to help Liz & Enid's friendship, even though she's the one who ruined it. There is a big dance at the end of the book, no real reason or theme given, but they are choosing a King and Queen who will do all the events for the rest of the year together. Odd. Which is why Jess wants her and Bruce to win so badly.

Fashion Icons: [Bruce Patman] was loping toward the staircase, looking impossibly gorgeous, as usual, in a pair of off-white cords and a heather-blue sweater that matched his eyes.

As for Dana [lead singer of The Droids], she was fairly straight underneath the outrageous clothes she wore. Tonight she was decked out in tight black velvet jeans, a pair of sparkly pink leg warmers, and a purple satin blouse.

Jessica twirled before her sister. She looked stunning in a slinky red silk formal with a wide embroidered belt and black sandal heels. Long rhinestone earrings dangled from her ears. She looked as though she'd stepped out of the pages of Cosmopolitan-which was exactly the look she was after.

[At the dance] Elizabeth spotted Caroline Pearce, looking hideously girlish in a ruffled pink organdy dress that clashed with her hair. Ms Dalton had never looked prettier. She wore a long velvet skirt and an old-fashioned blouse with lots of ruffles and tucks. Her hair was perfect, and she had a silk rose pinned over one ear. [Enid] wore a pale mauve off-the shoulder dress that showed off her slender figure to perfection. Her hair was pulled back, anchored by delicate mother-of-pearl combs. The shimmering whiteness of the flower George had given her set off her radiant smile. Liz had never seen her look so beautiful.

Twin Hijinks: None? Odd.

Other Thoughts: Enid's secret? Two years before, she was a party girl with bad boy George Warren. Yep, same one who cheats on her a few books later with former fluffy girl Robyn. Enid and George drank and did drugs and almost killed a little boy. This is like the most unbelievable story ever. Goody, goody Enid doing drugs? Yeah, no. That's like Liz partying. Oh wait, she does later on doesn't she? Anyway, Enid confesses to Liz but is terrified of her domineering boyfriend, Ronnie, finding out. Which he does of course. Jessica finds some letters between Enid and George and decides to tell Ronnie, in an attempt to win the dance title. It works. Enid thinks Liz blabbed about the letters and gets totally mad at her. When Liz finally finds out that it was Jess, she gets even by rigging it so Winston Egbert becomes King and Jess is furious.

The Next Book*: Can Jessica play Bruce Patman's game and win? Find out in Sweet Valley High #3, PLAYING WITH FIRE.

*(not necessarily what I'll be reading)

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