Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Have/Want to Reread from my Childhood

The Broke & The Bookish are visiting a topic near and dear to me today...childhood favorites! As you may already know (or not), I like to reread my childhood/teen favorite books all the time. So this is pretty easy for me. I decided to split it into two parts though: first up are ones that I have already read in the last few years.

In no particular order:
Baby-Sitters Club (duh) -isn't it funny how I thought I could read and review the whole series in a year?? (haha...nope) I did just read Dawn's Big Date and oh boy, wait til you see the outfits in this one!!

Sweet Valley High -I really can't wait until I get to the "Night to Remember" saga, so much good/crap reading!!

A few Lois Duncan, including Killing Mr Griffin -I don't really get why or how "they" decide to update books, but there's usually no need. This was one of those cases.

Christopher Pike is my scary bad boy for life lol. They're like the Halloween version of SVH.

Bad News Ballet -I loved the first two and would like to get more of the series eventually. Who didn't want to be a ballet dancer in the 80s??

Pippi Longstocking -reading Pippi as an adult was hard. She's better left to the bright imaginations of the young.

Nancy Drew -another one that was hard to read.  Who gets hit on the head that many times without some permanent damage?!

Wayside School -these are such silly books, it's hard not to get caught up in them, even as an adult.

To Kill a Mockingbird -who else is ecstatic yet apprehensive about the sequel coming out this summer??

And now some books/series I want to reread in the future:

More BSC & SVH obviously :)

Camp Sunnyside Friends series, if I ever find any of them. I remember wanting to go to summer camp so freaking bad as a kid!

Sleepover Friends series -I actually have a good stack of these already, but I've been waiting til I get thru my SVH books first.

Odd Thomas series -I devoured Dean Koontz books as a teenager and I loved this series, but never finished it.

Indian in the Cupboard -I loved this series as a kid! One of the few books that I think might be more geared towards boys that I read too? Either way, it was great!

Where the Red Fern Grows -this was one of the first books that I remember making me cry.

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  1. Wayside School is Falling Down - how many times did I shelve that at my daughter's elementary school library. Lovely. And Indian in the Cupboard - read that one to my daughter.