Friday, March 4, 2016

Book Haul: Christmas+

Time for another haul post! This is from Christmas to now...I was pretty good between my last haul post and Christmas apparently. I'm trying to "read my shelves" again because last weekend, I realized that the book I was currently reading, and had checked out from the library, was also on my bookshelf. Oops. (click pics to make bigger & check out the details)

First up is Christmas family knows me so well! The newest Saga, Baby-Sitters Club, and Winter? Great! Plus an owl coloring book? Perfect! I also got the Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone Illustrated Edition (shown in last post). I really hope they make the entire series, does anyone know if they plan to?

Next up, I went thrift store shopping with mom & sis on mom's birthday and came away with an excellent stack of books! (Plus a stack of romance books for mom.) The 2 Steinbeck & The Bell Jar are from Half Price Books, but the rest I found at the thrift store. Some classics, some romances, and even a Christmas anthology... score!

In January, I won this amazing stack of classic books from Forgotten Bookmarks. They are lovely and smelly, just like old books should be. :) This gorgeous edition of The Scarlet Letter almost makes me want to try reading it again. (Bad memories junior year.) And you should definitely check out their Facebook or Twitter, because they do giveaways like this and of their own published books each week! (Not sponsored, I just really like them.)

Next up, more single issue comics (I'm addicted, I tell ya!), graphic novels, and a random Half Price Books trip. I'm reading The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street right now and it's really good! I'm so excited to read The Boy Most Likely To, hopefully this month. I really enjoyed My Life Next Door, it was almost a 4 star read, and can't wait to get back into that world.

And last up, a mini library haul, which I still have out. (Heavily edited due to sunshine, but isn't the view pretty?) We Were Liars blew my mind (as I'm sure it has most of you as well), PS I Still Love You was sugary sweet, Hold Still left me kind of cold unfortunately, and Brown-Eyed Girl is the latest book in the Travis' family, which I have loved and can't wait to read.

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