Monday, October 15, 2012

Special: Baby-Sitters Club All Grown Up! Stacey!

It's time for that boy-crazy, uber-sophisticated, perm addict, diabetic, math nerd, BSC treasurer Stacey McGill  to grow up! How did she turn out? Well, let's find out! :)

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Stacey officially started going by Anastasia in college, when she moved to New York for good. She felt it went better with her tres-chic new look. She finally got rid of the permed hair and went for a softer, more natural wave that suited her almost all-black wardrobe. Black is slimming you know and in NYC, all the cool kids wear it. And Stacey Anastasia is definitely a cool kid. Featured on TheSartorialist blog on the streets, she was soon discovered by a top modelling agency and her future began to take off. Thanks to her diabetes, her "naturally slim" figure helped her land many top jobs and modelling gigs. Her incredible likeness to actress Blake Lively led to a 6-episode stint on Gossip Girl as Serena's evil twin. Soon, Anastasia was everywhere: runways, billboards, TV, magazines, you name it. Anastasia dropped out of college her sophomore year and never looked back.

On the outside, Anastasia seems totally happy and collected, but on the inside, she's kind of a mess. She's been married twice and engaged no less than 6 times, so she's obviously got some commitment issues. It all stemmed from her father's supposed abandonment (he died from a heart attack when she was 17. Her mom always said those horrible work habits would kill him one day.) She's constantly looking for that replacement father figure. Well, parents of former baby-sitting charges are not the right place to look, as Charlotte Johansen will tell you. And Jenny Prezzioso. Anastasia has had a string of affairs with controlling workaholics and drugged-out bad boys, including several well-known celebrities, but none of them make her happy.

Claudia always told her that choosing boys over her BFF's would catch up with her and it finally has. She has a semi-monthly Sunday brunch with Claud and meets Mary Anne for a fancy dinner (MA insists on going to one of the big celebrity hangouts every time) when she's in town, but that's about it. Her one true girlfriend is, surprisingly, Laine Cummings. Laine knows how hard it is to live and work in NYC, having become a successful businesswoman in a man's world (literally, she's the head buyer for Barney's men's line). She may not approve of some of Anastasia's choices, but as long as she stays away from her man, they're all good. 

Anastasia claims she is happier with mostly male friends, that females are too catty and always jealous of her, but her former BSCers know the truth. She may be a NYC girl, but her heart is still in Stoneybrook, having sleepovers in Kristy's McMansion and gossiping about that gross Alan Gray. Plus, her mom still lives in their newer old house and they miss each other like crazy. They try to get together at least once a month, but with Anastasia's super busy schedule and her mom's new family (she remarried a few years after Stace graduated HS and had a late in life baby boy named Jack-Claire Pike now baby-sits him lol) it doesn't always happen. They talk and text constantly though and her mom is very proud of her career (her personal life, not so much). Anastasia knows she is always welcome back in Stoneybrook though, as long as she leaves the NYC attitude in the city, and she may take them up on that offer one day. When she starts getting wrinkles and the Botox stops working.

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