Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Giveaway!

Time for another giveaway woot woot! Okay, no more wooting, sorry. :) There is going to be 1 winner for 2 sweet books, both Christmas/wintery related plus whatever Christmas goodies I can find around the house lol. These are 2 of my favorite books and I hope you will like them too and maybe check them out, even if you don't win! This is open to eeeeeveryone this time, US and International, so be sure to enter! And what exactly are you winning here?

First, is a cute little middle grade book called Confessions of a Bitter Secret Santa. Yes, I know it looks kind of cheesy, but I promise it's a cute story! Noel is a young girl who loves Christmas usually, but this year is kind of the pits. Her mom is preggers again, they aren't doing any of their usual traditions, her crush doesn't know she exists, and she gets a bad partner in her English class' Secret Santa project. And to top it all off, her Secret Santa is not living up to her expectations...can she make Christmas merry and bright again?

And second, The Thing About Jane Spring, which is one of my favorite books. My sister, the nonreader, adores it too. Jane is a tough, no-nonsense lawyer who is happy with her life...except for one part. She can't get a man and she has no idea why. In the middle of an old movie marathon during a snowstorm, she gets the answer: Doris Day always got the guy. So, being an "all or nothing" kind of gal, she decides to do a complete lifestyle change. We're talking makeover, her voice, her attitude, her home, everything. Will Jane get her man? Was he already there and she didn't even know it? What will her military father and brothers think?

And here's how to enter and rules:

1. Must be 18 years or older OR have your parents' permission, since you know, I'll need your address.
2. This is open to everyone!
3. You must be following my blog and/or my twitter (@SeeJennRead) to enter
4. Comment on this post (tell me your favorite Christmas/Holiday book!) 
OR RT my Twitter message for this contest to officially enter. (I will check to see that you are following me.)
5. One comment/Twitter entry per person please. (I will count the blog & Twitter entries in order by the time stamp.)
6. Contest will run from Noon CST Friday, November 30, 2012 thru Noon CST Tuesday, December 4, 2012. I like short and sweet giveaways. :)
7. I'll use Random.Org to pick a number to coordinate with the amount of entries and winner will be announced on Wednesday around 3:00 pm. 
8. I will ship the winner's package out on Thursday (provided I have the address) and provide a tracking number if needed. Package will go out priority shipping if within the US. Once package is shipped, I am not responsible for replacing lost or stolen.
9. If I do not receive the winner's address within 2 days, I will pick another winner and so on.
10. When the winner receives their books, they must read them thoroughly and enjoy the holiday fun. :)

Please feel free to email me at or Twitter message me @seejennread if you have any questions!!


  1. What fun!
    Of course i still cant follow this blog (as far as i know) as i have a Worpress blog, not a blogspot blog, but i do read your posts when you tweet the link to it. That counts sort of as following, right? ;-)

    That second book sounds like fun! I will check it out no matter the outcome of this. It always fascinates me (and also disgusts me a little) how some women completely change themselves to get a man. I want to read this.

    Hmm i used to have a Christmas book my mum read to me as a child, but i cant remember what it was called. It had all kinds of stories in it. She found it during WW2, when she was a child. It had also notes and little drawings in them, made by another child. About 15 years back, my mum found the person the book belonged to and gave it back (a woman who now lives in Germany). That woman was so happy she got her old favorite book back! She told my mum her dad had given it to her and held a lot of memories. That woman still sends my mum postcards and Christmas cards every year. I love how books can bring people together!

    Nowadays i don't have a real favorite holiday book, but when winter starts and during Christmas, i always want to read the early Harry Potter books. Somehow they feel like Christmas :-)

  2. Of course it counts! :) that story is sweet, I love that your mom found the original owner.

    Every time feels like Harry Potter to me lol...Christmas, Halloween, September, summer. ;)

    1. Yeah, you got me there. Halloween is a good time for HP too, not so much summer, more like after-summer-school-start :-)

  3. Well, I guess my giveaway wasn't that popular this time. :P But, hey! You're a winner! Lol...I'll msg you on Twitter too. :)