Thursday, April 4, 2013

TILT: Bookends #2

I thought I'd revisit bookends for today's Things I Love Thursday, because I've found several cute ones lately and uh, because I couldn't think of anything else lol.

(please contact me if you do not want your work featured)

Skeleton Keys at Homegoods --I saw these on Pinterest first and loooooved them because I am obsessed with skeleton keys and then my sister & I were at Homegoods looking for a birthday present and I saw them there! I may have squee'd ;) But alas, I did not have any extra money to buy them and they'll probably be gone next time we go in. Curse you, Homegoods, and your revolving door of merchandise!!

A Book's Heart by BeautyOfHeart --I love the cascading effect on these. They would be fun to make yourself too. I would probably shellac them or something to make them stiff and more sturdy.

Mermaids on LuxeYard --sold out right now, but you could probably make a similar version yourself with some thrift store finds. Epbot has a wonderful tutorial on how to paint that aged, under-the-sea look yourself.

Eiffel Towers by RedLovesGreen --my sister would love these in her room, if she had some books! ;)


  1. HI There, what a lovely surprise to find my pink eiffel tower bookends featured on your wonderful blog.
    Many thanks

    1. They are super cute! :) Thanks for stopping by.