Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: My 10 Book Boyfriends

Mmm....boys. :) Today's Top Ten Tuesday is sure to be a yummy one over on The Broke & The Bookish, so let's get started! These are my book boyfriends, in no particular order. Oh wait! To start us off, how about some real life hot guys reading books?? Woo! (Unfortunately, they no longer update but still lots of pages to go thru.)

1. Adrian Ivashkov of Vampire Academy & Bloodlines. I know lots and lots of people will pick Dimitri, but as I've said before, I am Team Adrian all the way.

2. Ron Weasley of Harry Potter. I wouldn't pick Harry because he's all "damaged" and stuff lol. But Ron still has that slight "bad boy, adventurous" edge to him, plus he's funny and cute and has a great family. Wouldn't you love to be included in the Weasley family??

3. Gilbert Blythe of Anne of Green Gables. Seriously. He waits for YEARS for Anne to forgive him one silly mistake and realize she loves him. Ugh, Anne don't be so stoopid!! Speaking of, I've finished books 2 and 3 and should have reviews up for those this week hopefully. :)

4. Etienne St Clair and/or Cricket Bell of course, I had to include the wonderful Stephanie Perkins' boys! And if you don't know why they're included, well 1. For shame!! and 2. Get thyself to a bookstore stat!! :)

5. Joe Fontaine of The Sky is EverywhereJoe with the mega-watt smile, the lovely eyelashes, the vivacity for life.

6. Shane of Morganville Vampires. I really love Shane, but his last book left me a little scared of where his story is going. Of course, I'm 3 books behind, so maybe that's all been sorted out by now lol.

7. Charlie Shepherd in Talk Nerdy to Me. He's hot, super smart, kind of a nerd, likes to build stuff, rides a motorcycle, and wears leather chaps. Yeah. 

8. Percy Jackson. He's a cool kid, just an average teen thrown into an above-average world. Plus, he's son of Poseidon, so hey! Beach vacations! Lol...

9. Kyle from Beastly. Falling in love with someone for who they are, not what they look like. The ultimate test.

10.Adam in If I Stay & Where She Went. Another one that I know will be on everyone's list :) so I don't need to say why.


  1. Ha! This is great. I always loved Laurie (though I know he would have been a terrible boyfriend. Gilbert is a much better choice ;) I can't wait to see what you thought of Anne books 2 and 3!
    Also, Ron YES.

  2. Good list, I love Percy Jackson as well and I'm interested in Talk Nerdy to Me which I really hope has some techonbabble in it.

    1. Talk Nerdy has lots of technobabble lol...it's a little bit sci-fi meets romance in that the girl is building a spacecraft, but it's really good! Thanks for stopping by!