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Review: "Stacey's Emergency: The Baby-Sitters Club #43"

Stacey's Emergency: The Baby-Sitters Club #43 by Ann M Martin
2.5 out of 5 stars

We finally, finally get the one where Stacey gets sick from her diabetes and it is so anti-climactic it's not even funny. And pretty boring actually. I was expecting a fainting incident or at least a peeing-the-bed accident lol. Anyway, the book starts out with the usual stuff...Kristy's GREAT IDEA, BFF's, Claudia is a fashion icon, Mary Anne is a big ol' baby, etc...and I don't have my book in front of me, so I'm going by memory and this may be fairly short compared to the others. Hope you don't mind! :)

Stacey is obviously still feeling crappy at the beginning of this one, but she hasn't told her mom or dad, even though her schoolwork is starting to suffer. Duh, doesn't she know that if you have an actual excuse for bad grades, you use it as long as possible?? So, she's feeling bad, is pretty sure it has to do with her diabetes, and what does she do? Steals a package of Ho-Ho's from Claudia's room. I know right?! Scandalous!! Suddenly, Miss I Only Eat Carrots and Pretzels is a chocolate fiend...sneaking candy bars in her room at midnight, taking home a pile of fudge from Charlotte's, mainlining Nutella in the girls' bathroom at school. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Suddenly it's time for a Daddy's Fun Weekend in the Big City but Stacey doesn't really want to go, not just because she's feeling like uber-crap but because her parents have really been getting on her nerves lately. They're constantly making her take sides and interrogating her on what the other is doing and then not believing her. Like, Stacey's mom goes over to the Pike house to council Mrs. Pike on hat-fashions and Mr. McGill thinks she's having a torrid love affair with Mr. Pike or something. But of course, Stacey doesn't tell her parents why she's upset (I suppose this is very realistic actually, I never told my parents anything at that age) and ends up going on her weekend anyway.

And then we launch into the "Stacey so thirsty" chapter...on the train ride into the city, she makes about 50 trips to the bathroom, gulping water from the gross little sink in her cupped hands and then of course having to pee constantly. Once she meets her dad, she makes him buy her a giant diet soda and drinks it on the way home. That night, she gets up every hour or so to get a glass of water, which of course her dad hears and is totally worried. When she gets up the next morning and is totally exhausted, she agrees to go to the hospital, where they immediately check her in and plug her into all these drips and stuff.

The majority of the book is spent in the hospital, which makes for some pretty boring reading. Although, I guess if you were sick yourself, you would empathize more with Stacey. I can totally see that, kind of similar to how I connected so much with Stacey's divorced parents book. (Wow, there's like totally something here for everyone y'all. ;)) I think Stacey ends up spending two weeks in the hospital, because the docs are having a hard time getting her diabetes under control. (She doesn't bother telling them that she was stuffing herself with sugary-goodness the week before.) Her mom of course arrives the next day and stays with Laine's family, which Stacey thought was odd, because why couldn't she just stay in Stacey's room at her dad's apartment? Duh Stacey, because your parents hate each other. So much that they start taking turns staying with Stacey in the hospital. She gets pissed after a while and has a little tantrum and asks them to leave her alone for a day. Brat. Of course, everything is talked over at the end when she is all better and she tells her parents how she can't/won't be in the middle anymore.

Back in Stoneybrook, Charlotte, being so overly attached to Stacey, freaks out when she finds out her sister from another mister is in the hospital and develops a severe case of hypochondria. The BSCers of course try to "cure" her, but it doesn't work until Stacey finally comes back home and is all better. Also, the "main" members of the BSC go visit Stacey while she is in the hospital, and since there is no outfit :( I have a special one that I've been saving forever. So here is What Claudia Should Have Worn to visit Stacey in the Big City:

Claudia had borrowed Mary Anne's striped stockings from her Halloween costume and paired it with a teal button-down shirt dress. Over that she placed a cute yellow belt with a heart buckle, her awesome banana necklace and a red infinity scarf. She decided to wear her Day of the Dead sugar skull earrings she had made in art class along with a bunch of beaded bracelets. She had yellow ballet flats on and was carrying a red purse that she found in her mom's closet. Claudia's long, straight hair was divided into three messy braids. She looked totally fresh.

And that's it for this one...I had more to say than I thought! Oh and I totally had this postcard book and the chain letter one, wish I still did!

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