Thursday, August 1, 2013

TILT: Book Fan Art #2

I decided it was time to do another fan art Things I Love Thursday, but I had a really hard time picking some. So these are kind of all over the place. I'm slowly gathering up artwork to hang over my bookshelf...I'd like to have all different kinds of work but all book/reading related. I just got Terry Moore's 2013 Sketchbook in the mail the other day and I am going to frame the cover for sure. (I just wish the pages weren't two-sided! :/) Do you have any bookish art? Or fan art? I'd love to see it!

(please contact me if you don't want your work shown)

Kavalier & Clay by Anna Rettberg --I kind of like that my mosaic cut off his head lol. But the full piece is very nice, I think she perfectly captured their attitudes. You should also check out the rest of her work, super cool stuff there!

Tris & Four (Divergent) by ??? --I couldn't find the source for this one, which I hate, so if you know the artist, please comment! I'm really excited about this movie and I really need to go get the 2nd book soon augh!! :) (And now it looks like Tris is trying shoot Sam Clay in the head!)

Peeta vs Gale by ApricotTeacup --this just makes me laugh. And Catching Fire is another movie I can't wait for. I think I'm going to do a quick reread of all 3 after I finish Harry Potter for the summer, to prepare for the movie. I've only read these once in 2010 when the Mockingjay craze was going on, so I think I'm overdue for a reread!

The Other Mother Loves You by StravaganzaArt --Deliciously creepy! Coraline is another book I need to reread soon, maybe in October.

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