Thursday, August 15, 2013

TILT: Bookmark-Palooza!

I figured it was time for another bookmarks edition of Things I Love Thursday. :) And also, I couldn't find anything else that inspired me hah!

(please contact me if you do not want your work featured)

Crochet Music Notes Bookmark by LittleOwlsHut --this is a PDF to make your cute is that?? I know a few people who would love these! :)

Hold My Spot Metal Bookmark by SnappinStudio --it has a fold over on the back to go around the pages. Genius! And you can personalize them too. Great Christmas present ideas here, y'all! :)

Reading Is Strength: Wonder Woman on MirageBookmark --this is kind of an amazing website...I encourage you to browse in it when you have some free time!

Owl Elastic Bookmarks by Santa Bagunca --unfortunately, I don't think this person has a website, but how cute are these? They make lots of super cute owl things too, wish they had a site! Oh well, I'll just have to go to Brazil someday. ;)

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