Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sleeping Guys in Libraries is Back!

I haven't been going to the library much lately, but I'm here today and what do you know, there's a sleeping guy! :) This guy isn't even pretending to read or anything, he's just like "I came here for the nap." There's another guy near me dozing, but too many other people around so alas, no picture.


  1. At the library where I used to work, we would wake up anyone who was sleeping because it's not allowed. :) I think it's mostly a rule to keep the homeless people from freaking out the not-homeless people, but still.

    1. They're pretty easy-going here, which is usually okay unless they're snoring like crazy lol. Then they go wake them up.
      We have quite a few homeless people that hang out at ours too, but I didn't feel right taking their pics. These guys were obviously kicked out by their wives. ;)