Thursday, August 22, 2013

TILT: Book Pretties :)

How about some good old-fashioned book pretties today? Just things that caught my eye and made me say "oooh, pretty". :) Any lovelies you've found recently and want to share? Comment below!

(please contact me if you do not want your work shown)

Library Girl Pillow by Stephanie Fizer Coleman (on Society6) --my mom actually Pinned this for me and I love it! :) You can get it on a bunch of different things too...I might have to ask for the iPhone case for Christmas!

BiblioTelefono (Book Telephone) on LibriAntichiOnline --found on their FB page, I wasn't able to find it on the website though. It's very cool! I'd have it on a little antique side table with my typewriter next to my comfy reading chair.

Book Sculpture by ClassicNotebook --this is such a work of art, I'd be almost scared to touch it! Reminds me of the Where the Wild Things Are altered book I got in a swap a long time ago; I may have to share that with y'all soon!

Kid's Classics Box Set on Anthropologie --how could this rainbow of stories not make you smile??

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