Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Haul: Fall-Christmas 2014

This fall, I had extra money and credits on Amazon, so I may have gone a little book crazy. And then I had a great Christmas, with books + book things + gift card, so I may have gone even more book crazy. :) I haven't done a haul in forever (again), so I thought now would be a good time for one. Let's start with the Amazon stack.

I really wanted to finish up several series that have ended in the last year, so I got the last few in the House of Night, Morganville Vampires, Gossip Girl, and the newest Bloodlines book. I finished off the HON and Morganville already actually and hopefully will get those reviewed soon. I'm saving the Bloodlines til the last one comes out (this month?) because I really love that series and I know I will want to binge read it. And the Gossip Girl is the only one I was unable to find at Half Price Books and it was really getting on my nerves that I was missing one in this not-great series, so I went ahead and bought it.

Then I picked up a couple of books for my great winter/Christmas book-a-thon. Snowed In and The Ex Games were both cute, quick, fluffy reads. My True Love Gave To Me was wonderful and destined to be a yearly tradition. And finally...I'll Give You The Sun, Jandy Nelson's newest. Her first book moved me to tears and gave me passion to create again and I can't wait to see what this book brings out.

And then, for Christmas I got the Saga series from my dad and stepmom, including the newest one, which I haven't read yet. I adore this series and am so glad to have my own copies now. There is a reason this story is on everyone's top lists and if you haven't read it yet, you are missing out. No lying! (and you would get that reference if you read the book lol.)

They also gave me a gift card and my brother talked me into taking him up to the comic book store and somehow I spent almost all my money there haha! I don't buy graphic novels very often and never at a local store, but I just felt like it and didn't have any regrets. I got the final Locke & Key (another wonderful series), X-Men: Days of Future Past (because I have been wanting to venture into super hero comics), This One Summer (has been on my to-buy list since, um, summer), and a single comic of My Little Pony, just to try. (I liked it, don't know if I'll buy more.)

I spent the last of my money at Half Price Books (of course) and picked up a couple of classics from the clearance section and Bridget Jones, because my sister and I just watched the first movie and forgot how much we loved it. I read the books a long time ago, so I thought it'd be fun to pick up again.

And in non-bookish gifts, my sister got me Harry Potter "Mischief Managed" temporary tattoos! How cool is that? That is what I eventually want to get tattooed on my wrist, so this will be a fun way to try it out first. My mom got me the awesome "I Like Big Books" and "Their" stickers and a necklace that I have been wanting for at least 2 years. "I Still Believe in 398.2" is a reference to the fairy tale section in the Dewey Decimal library system. It's like the nerdiest thing ever, right? :) I love it!

So that's my haul. How was your Christmas/holiday season? Tell me all about it or link up your pictures if you have them!

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