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Review: "Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation: The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #2"

Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation: The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #2 by Ann M Martin
3 out of 5 stars

Dude, I could win a visit from the author!! Oh.Em.Gee. Except, apparently 9 year old me thought the same thing, because the page is already torn out of the back. Darn. I guess I didn't win lol.

These are some hideous camp outfits...and why are Claudia's shorts so long?? Does she have thigh issues? Maybe she should lay off the Cheese Doodles then. Also, what's with Jessi's hair? Okay, anyway....I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Super Specials are always pretty good, maybe because everyone narrates so we don't get stuck with whiny Mary Anne or bossy Kristy or judgmental Dawn or diabetic Stacey the whole time. ;)

So Dawn tapes "The Parent Trap" off of TV (my all-time favorite movie btw and no I am not talking about that Lindsay Lohan monstrosity (okay it's not really that bad lol)) and makes the BSCers watch it every time they come over to her house. After the 5 millionth time, they decide "hey, wouldn't it be cool if we got to go to camp?" And *tada*....the BSCers are going to Camp Mohawk along with nearly every kid in Stoneybrook. I can only imagine the hijinks the adults got up to for those 2 weeks hah!

The BSCers are too young to be camp counselors and too old to be regular campers, so they end up being CITs (Counselors in Training). Except Jessi & Mallory, they weasel their way into becoming Junior CITs, which basically means they act all privileged and make their fellow cabin-mates hate them. Seriously, I would have made fun of them too. I mean, not the racist calling them Oreos crap, but Mallory makes them matching armbands. Yeah I would have snickered at that.

I feel like I'm kind of all over the place with this review already, sorry about that! I'm just gonna go with it though okay? Okay! So Stacey gets dragged to camp too from the wonderful, fabulous, too posh for words New York City and she decides to make a journal of her 2 weeks there and forces all her friends to write for it too, including Logan. Poor Logan. He's never going to get initiated into that street gang if he has to deal with crap like writing in a diary and getting mushy love letters from his girlfriend across Lake DemiDonkey. (Not the real name, but my favorite mispronunciation)

Stacey actually ends up loving camp even though she spends half her time in the infirmary. Don't worry, her diabetes is totally manageable and under control! (I know you were worried right?) But she's stupid enough to sit in a pile of poison ivy so she has a huge itchy rash all over her body. On top of that she's got mosquito bites, pinkeye, a scaly patch of impetigo around her mouth and a cold. Yeah. Way to take care of yourself Stace, that's really going to encourage your parents to let you go anywhere alone. Luckily, she does not have the plague, Lyme disease, dyspepsia, chicken pox or allergies. Woo.

More fun bits: 
Mary Anne almost gets her ears pierced to prove she's as cool as her fellow CITs but doesn't thank goodness, because her dad would have probably sent her to a convent after that. She also tries to sneak over to the boys' side of camp to see Logan and gets caught. That convent is looking nicer and nicer huh Richard? 

Dawn gets lost in the woods on a camp-out. She gets lost a lot, have you ever noticed that? I'm going to have to start keeping track of that. 

Kristy loses all her Kristy Power and Confidence and lets her fellow CITers (named Tansy and Izzy) turn her into a babe for the dance. I'm not sure why she was suddenly so insecure, but it's kind of annoying. 

Claudia falls in LUV with a Japanese dude, so her parents will totally approve. I didn't think her parents were the type to be all "you have to marry a Japanese dude or we will disown you". Hmm...she also writes badly misspelled postcards home, including this one to Mimi. I would think it's not a good idea to start it "Who are you" when the poor old lady is totally confused half the time anyway lol. (Also, I think I have an idea of what the next book is and I am NOT looking forward to it!!)

And Mallory & Jessi help the younger kids perform a play about "twin" white & black sisters who overcome racism through dance and jokes. This atrocity shows their cabin-mates that they were being total bigots and they apologize. But not for the armbands because that was deserved. 

And that's the end...I have to go order my 1990 Baby-Sitters Club Calendar now, so bye! :)

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