Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Special: Baby-Sitters Club All Grown Up! Claudia!

Woot woot! It's time for another edition of the Baby-Sitters Club All Grown Up!! And who's up next? Miz VP Claudia Lynn Kishi, that's who. :) I had a lot of fun making her Polyvore, in fact I had to reign myself in a little because it would have been hugemongous lol...(did you know they set a 50 item limit on each set? Yeah, I know now!)

Okay, so Claud has finally learned the difference between "uniquely quirky" and "colorblind lunatic" with her style choices. She has toned down the fruit-basket earrings, vegetable t-shirts and clock tights in favor of coordinating outfits and bright accessories and shoes. She is a major high-heel fanatic and the only time she wears flats is when she is painting or sculpting. Then, she wears a pair of pink Cons she stole from Kristy way back in high school, paired with a loose pair of jeans from some former boyfriend, a form-fitting tee or tank top under a button down denim shirt (also from a former BF) and if it's cold, the knit sweater Mary Anne made for her one Christmas out of Mimi's old stash of yarn.

Claudia still loves pairing odd colors together, like teal with purple or coral, but in a way that doesn't make you need sunglasses to look at her. And in her line of business, the unorthodox is good and expected. She is the owner of "KeeShee Ceramics and Art Studio" on a busy corner of New York City, which teaches young, talented students the arts and gives her a chance to sell her wares and keep her in a fabulous loft efficiency apartment. Only Claud's former BSCers know that the name "KeeShee Ceramics" came about one night when Claudia was on such a sugar bender that she forgot how to even spell her own name. Luckily, the art world chalked it up to her whimsical attitude and went with it.

Speaking of sugar benders, all those years of hiding junk food and binging finally caught up to Claudia her junior year in high school. She finally lost her "perfect complexion" and gained a good 20-30 pounds. She didn't seem to mind though, saying there was more of her to love, until her doctor told her she was on the verge of becoming borderline diabetic. Having been there first hand throughout Stacey's ordeals, that was the wake-up call she needed. Claudia is now a *shocker* vegetarian...I know, right!? After she decided to go veggie, she got a tattoo saying "omnomnom" going up her left wrist to remind her of her sugar daze. :) Also, she claims going off all the junk food has helped her spelling, but Stacey thinks that's just the auto-correct working overtime on her iPhone.

Claudia is single at the moment, but she has had her share of boyfriends (especially when she goes on vacation) and a handful of girlfriends, including one long semester with former art mentor, Ashley Wyeth. (linked to a lovely piece of FanFic :)) Although Claudia does live in the same city and within a few blocks of her former BFF, Stacey, they only get together once a month or so for a Sunday brunch and surface chitchat. Stacey has continued to choose "bros over hos" ever since she split from the BSC in the 8th grade and Claudia isn't cool with that. Claudia and Dawn have gotten closer though after bonding over veggie recipes (Claud finally realized a few pretzel sticks or some Saltines was not a suitable substitute for Doritos and M&M's) and Skype a few times a week.

Claudia spends her free time scouring the vintage shops for cool dresses or heels, working on new pieces for her upcoming art show titled "Jackie: When Puberty Hits", coming up with lesson plans that include trash off the streets, and helping super-genius sister Janine write and illustrate a children's book about Mimi.

I hope you enjoyed this 2nd installment of BSC All Grown Up (I always think of "Rugrats All Grown Up" whenever I write that lol...). I will have details of my first giveaway up on Friday, so be sure to check back soon! :)

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