Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Faves: New Year's Resolutions

Since I didn't get to a TILT yesterday, I thought I'd do a Friday Faves instead! :) Today's is all about resolutions...we're almost done with the first week of 2012 and everyone is inspired to change or do new things in their lives, myself included. I've done the "lose weight", "clean every day", etc... before and well, let's just say I'm still fluffy and there's still stuff all over our apartment lol.

I like the idea of having a word theme for the year so I've decided my word is "ORGANIZE". Organize my house (hanging pictures on our walls finally!), organize my books (new bookshelf?? I wish/hope!), organize my blog (at least 2 a week), etc...I also found these resolutions on a google search and liked them, so I've adapted some of them too:

1. Use libraries more (check! Going tomorrow :))
2. Read one "Classic" book per month (any suggestions?)
3. Do not buy books unless they're going to be read (hmm...I don't know about this one lol)
4. Buy books without looking up the reviews first (great reason to browse in the bookstore!)
5. Reread books (well, I think I already have that covered but I'm going to continue it)
6. Keep a reading journal (see above re: bloggy-blogg!)
7. Read less, enjoy more (great idea! Savor them!)

Are you feeling inspired yet? No? How about some posters and one plate to help? :)

Be More Awesome Than Last Year by HappyTownUSA --I LOVE this one. I have it as my desktop right now.

Be Happy by MBartStudios --remind yourself every time you eat dinner, happiness really IS good for your health!

Be Yourself by VeritasCrafts --because you are totally awesome! :)

Live Like You Want by MoonAndLion --because who cares what anyone else thinks?

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