Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year & My Christmas Haul :)

Happy New Year all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, enjoyed spending time with your loved ones and got lots of fun goodies. :) I most definitely did on all 3 counts and am ready to start the new year fresh with you lovelies and my books. (Cute little owl graphic found on MyOwlBarn blog)

I thought I'd start off with a Christmas book haul post, because I got so many wonderful book-related things on and around Christmas, I just had to share them! This is not meant as a bragging post but a sharing post btw...I would love to hear and see what you got too! (This is going to be picture heavy, my apologies for those with slower computers!)

Okay, first up is the books of course...my sister got me a huge stack of books because she's awesome and she knew if she didn't, I wouldn't buy her any nail polish lol. She got me the Vampire Academy books (minus the 4th because they didn't have it in paperback; also got the 3rd which is at work already), the newest Morganville Vampires, and the next two in the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield.

Then, after Christmas, Half Price Books was having their big 20% off sale so you know I had to go! (Twice actually heh.) I got a great big stack of books, including the 5th Vampire Academy book again while trying to buy the 4th. :( I need to go exchange it soon boo. I've already read Pretties and have started the 3rd Vampire Academy, so I am off to a good start for this year's goal of 130 books on Goodreads!

Also, from my sis I got the last Momiji Book Club figure that I needed for my collection and this cute little Book Owl from an antique store (that a friend on Flickr told me is actually a weather owl that changes colors in the hot and cold! Cool!).

From my mom, I got some fun little pins (some book-related and some bacon-related lol) from BeanForest and SweetMeats on Etsy. Also in the picture is my Momiji pin. I am most definitely not to be trusted in a bookstore with a credit card lol...lucky for me and my bank account, my dad & stepmom got me a Barnes & Noble gift card! Woo...now I can go get all the new releases I've been wanting too!

My mom also got me these 2 amazing prints from Gorjuss in Scotland which I love love love and are going to look great over my bookshelf. We have a major problem with actually hanging pictures in our apartment, but I am making a public announcement that I WILL get these hung up by the end of January, so you guys hold me to it okay? The 2nd one with the little claw hand is going to look really cool next to my Wild Things statues. :)

Okay, so that's my bookmas haul...I hope you enjoyed checking out my goodies and please feel free to share yours! I will hopefully (cross fingers and toes) be back this week with a best and worst of 2011 list and maybe even a review! xoxo, Gossip Girl Jenn = )

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