Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: "Jessi Ramsey, Pet-Sitter: The Baby-Sitters Club #22"

Jessi Ramsey, Pet-Sitter: The Baby-Sitters Club #22 by Ann M Martin
4 out of 5 stars

I'm not really sure why I gave this one 4 stars? Maybe because I like animals? Or because Kristy is being a bossy cow and everyone gets mad at her? I think I definitely gave an extra star for Jessi's picture on this's way better than her first book and that isn't saying much lol.

So it's another normal day at a BSC meeting...Kristy has a great idea, blah blah blah. Then the Mancusis call and they need an emergency pet-sitter for the week they are on vacation. Which just happens to be the same week Jessi is free from ballet and her normal job with the Braddocks. Funny how that worked out huh? Well, Kristy says she doesn't "want any of [her] sitters tied up for a week" which doesn't go over to well with the others, but Jessi gets the courage to ask for the job. That's pretty brave of Jessi, being a lowly Junior Officer who has to sit on the floor and all.

Kristy "allows" her to take the job, but warns her what she's getting into: There are three dogs, five cats, some birds and hamsters, two guinea pigs, a snake, lots of fish, and a bunch of rabbits and turtles. I'm guessing they are compensating for not being able to have kids, which is totally fine, but they kind of went a little overboard there.

Oh, in between all that, we get a sort-of What Claudia is Wearing, which I took liberties on and did quite well, if I do say so myself. Which I do. :)

Claudia also loves fashion, and you should see her clothes. They are amazing, always wild. Like, she'll wear a miniskirt, black tights, push-down socks, high-top sneakers, a shirt she's painted or decorated herself, and big earrings she's made. Her hair might be pulled into a ponytail and held in place with not one but six or seven puffy ponytail holders, a row of them cascading down her hair. I'm always fascinated by Claudia. Aren't we all, Jessi, aren't we all.

There isn't a huge plot in this book, which is kind of odd. You get plenty of Jessi feeding and walking all the animals. There's one small bit where the snake gets loose and Mary Anne freaks out. Also, there's a preggo hamster to deal with, but that's about it.

The second plot is about Dictator Kristy and her reign of terror. She's annoyed with Charlie because he's going off to college next year (or not since they never age) and has been bossing her around. So she's taking it out on the BSC'ers and they are getting piii-iiissed. Plus she says stuff like, "I AM the president, which gives me the right to boss you club members around." Yeah, I'd be pissed too. And all of a sudden, we're in the middle of a BSC FIGHTATHON (patent pending).

Nobody likes their club jobs anymore (except Kristy who was born to lead and Jessi & Mal who are just lowly Jr. Officers) so they decide to have a vote. Turns out they're all practically perfect for their jobs and they all vote to keep everyone the same. *Yawn* Kristy realizes she was being a giant dictator (hilarious Big Bang Theory reference :)) and everyone makes up. *yay* The end. Oh, the Mancusis let the whole neighborhood take their hamster babies; Jessi & Becca name theirs Misty. I would have named it Cheesester (get it? Ham & Cheese? Lol...I crack myself up).

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