Friday, June 6, 2014

The Summer of Being Cool Chicks!

Back in February, I was cleaning out my closet and found some old magazine articles in a folder. They were from 2000 and were all about "bettering" myself. I even found one that Gayle Forman wrote, which was really cool! They were kind of hilariously bad, but one in particular intrigued me..."The Cool Chick Handbook" in Jump magazine (do you remember Jump?) which had 200+ things you could ideally do to become super cool chicks. Such as "1. Believe in yourself and your unlimited potential." and "35. Sleep under the stars." :)

So my sister and I started talking about it and joking around about how we should totally do some of them. And then it morphed into a summer project and we marked all the ones that we would be willing to do. (I'm not going to Feng Shui my bedroom lol.) And I thought it would be fun to share here with you all! We are going to try to do 3-5 things each week for the month of June and (hopefully) continue it on into July if we have fun doing it. I'll just post once a week here so as not to bombard you with stuff, but you can follow my Instagram for more pictures. And if you want to become a cool chick (or dude) this summer too, you can read the whole list in my Flickr album set up just for this purpose! And now let's get to this week's Cool Chick activities!

First, we tried #98: Pass notes folded into origami cranes. Since neither of us really knew how to do that, we figured we'd better get help. We tried calling the 1800 number they listed there, but alas, it is for some kind of survey thing now lol. The paperfolding website is still around, if you want to make your own paper cranes! I wouldn't recommend it though, it's hard, especially if you're an origami noob like me! I got to around step 16 or so (after about an hour) and just decided my crane was laying down lol. My sister managed to help me wake him up though and he was just a little sleep wrinkled. :) She totally showed me up by making a newspaper hat too. Showoff.

On Tuesday, we did #106: Play hooky with your mom and spend the day bonding. Okay, well we all had vacation days, but we did have fun! We went to IkeaLand to buy furniture for my mom's new craft room and had a great lunch at our local favorite Mexican restaurant and took selfies, of course. Yeah, we don't look alike at all. ;)
(I'm the one with the white sunglasses)

We only did 2 this week, to get us started, but it was lots of fun. I hope you liked reading about it and let me know what you think and especially if you decide to do your own Summer of Being Cool Chicks! :) 
(this will be us soon lol)

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  1. Love this!
    I totally remember Jump, though it only made it over here for about a year I think. :) Look forward to your next "cool chicks" update!