Monday, January 10, 2011

My Bookshelf...

Okay, I do have reviews to put up but I've just run out of time today! I'm still recovering from being sick and we had no extra spending money, so we stayed home all weekend long...and it was wonderful! :) I cleaned up my room, and reorganized my bookshelf as promised and read 4 books! So I should have at least one review up tomorrow, maybe more.

Anyway, on to the's my before. Yuck right? I've had this bookshelf forever, since I was a teenager. And before that, it was my parents! So it's old. It creeks and don't touch it too hard, because it will start swaying! O.o But, I do kind of love it.

My biggest pet peeve about bookshelves at like Ikea and such is that 1. They are super wide. I like my shelf to be only wide enough for my biggest book, not have all that extra space at the front or have to pull the books forward. Ugh. And 2. They're boring. I like all the varying heights and lengths of the shelves on this bookcase. I even like the varying stacks and rows of books. It makes it feel like an old cramped bookstore full of treasures. :) So that's the 2 reasons I haven't replaced it yet. Please tell me I'm not the only one this picky about bookshelves!! So, since I haven't found a good replacement, I end up stacking books on the trunk next to it too.

And here's the after...a bit better right? Right! ;) I even have room to I need an incentive to buy books! And, yes that bottom row is all Baby-Sitters Club books. Plus a small stack on the far right right above it. And OMG! I realized I'm still missing one of the reader's specials for Logan. Dagnabbit!!

And a closeup of my trunk...there's another stack of Christopher Pike books in that middle section. Also, I realized while I was fixing these up that I am missing the Vampire Series by him!!?? Um...where did they go?? Did I sell them? I don't see that happening, but I don't know what else I could have done with them. Weird.
Okay, so there's my bookshelf. What does your's look like? Do you like it? What's your dream bookshelf? Mine's a full wall (or 3) of shelves, custom built, all different heights, all the way up to the ceiling, crammed full. :)


  1. I love your bookshelf!
    And my "dream" is the same - especially if it has one of those ladders on wheels. Man I would *love* one of those ;)

  2. Yes! I forgot the wheely ladder! Lol...must have one of those or I'd never be able to reach any of my books. hah! :)