Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yay for Half Price Books!!

So I decided after last week's post about the BSC Mystery series that I DID need to get them or my collection wouldn't be complete! :) And you know what that means? A trip or fifteen to Half Price Books! Woo!! My sister was totally excited...not.

Well, we took our stepsis' out for a birthday shopping trip on Saturday and I got to stop in at one and found 5 of them right off the bat! Then...we were near another one later on and I ran in (they refused to go in that time, I don't know why lol) and found another 8 PLUS the Logan's Story I was missing! Woot woot! I did get one duplicate though, so annoying. I need to list them in my phone now so I will know.

So here they are...the first 10 minus 5 (which I thought I was getting with the dup grrr) and a couple of others! Yay! And I also noticed that the sales guys tend to look at you funny when you (a 30 year old) bring a big stack of BSC books to the counter. o_O The girls, not so much, they're usually "OOoohhh! I loved these when I was a kid!" :)


  1. Love!

    I just stumbled on this, have you seen it?!

  2. Hah! That is awesome Rachel...thank you for sharing it! :)