Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: "The Truth About Stacey: The Baby-Sitters Club #3"

The Truth About Stacey: The Baby-Sitters Club #3 by Ann M Martin
2 out of 5 stars

Boy this book has seen some wear and tear hasn't it? Maybe I tore it on purpose to break up that ugly, ugly outfit she's wearing? Seriously, that is not the smart, sophisticated Stacey we all know and love!

This book belongs to Amy Spier by the way...which I'm assuming is me! Lol.

Okay, I really didn't like this book. The basic plot is okay: some older girls set up a rival babysitting club and start getting all the BSC's business. The BSC'ers are p.o.'d and try all kinds of drastic things to keep their clients. (Housekeeping? No thank you!) Turns out these new, older girls are crappy babysitters (watching TV! Gasp! And not paying attention to the kids, letting boys come over, smoking etc...) so the BSC'ers have nothing to worry about.

It's the sub-plot with Stacey that I have a big problem with. What's "The Truth About Stacey"? She's diabetic. Duh, we already knew that way back in book 1. They should have had her be "on a diet" in book 1, maybe a little fainting spell in book 2 and THEN tell us she's diabetic in this one. I find it really hard to believe that her parents didn't tell their close friends & the parents of their daughter's BFF why she was so sick and ultimately why they were moving! I don't care if it is 1986, it just doesn't make sense! And I always thought Laine was a stuck-up snob anyway, so I double didn't like this plot. ;)

And the other reason I didn't like this book? No "What Claudia is Wearing"!! None! *big sad face* Not even a "What Stacey is Wearing"....I'm very disappointed. So I made my own. :D Presenting, the first ever and probably not the last, "What Claudia Should Have Been Wearing":

Claudia was wearing a black tank dress with a sheer black zebra print dress over it and purple tie-dye leggings. She had on her favorite hi-tops: hot pink with lime green trim. Claudia was all about the accessories today: a pink leopard print scarf, Swatch watch, sunglasses and lip earrings. She also had on a bunch of different bangles and was carrying a bag she had made last spring, a white tote with big, orange fake flowers glued all over it. Very Claudia.

And there you have it! :) Did you enjoy it? I hope so, because I did!


  1. Ha! Awesome.
    I remember never really getting what the big deal was, so Stacey's diabetic, why does that need to be a big secret? It's not like it's her fault, or something that would make people automatically hate her, right? Weird.

  2. This is so incredibly random... I just google image searched my name on a whim out of boredom... I am Amy Spier, and this book used to belong to me! How funny!