Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review: "The Runaway Dolls"

The Runaway Dolls by Ann M Martin
4 out of 5 stars

This is the final book in the Doll People series and was as good as the other two! Although, I must say, it reminded me a LOT of Toy Story this time.

The book starts out with some great illustrations again of a long, lost package being delivered to Annabelle & Tiffany's humans, which they leave unopened until they get back from their vacation in two weeks.
The Dolls & Funcrafts are excited to have their own vacation and run of the house (luckily, The Captain is locked up in the laundry room). Things change though when Annabelle & Tiffany discover that the package contains Annabelle's little sister, Tilly, who has been lost for a hundred years. The Doll grownups forbid Annabelle to let her out, claiming it could cause them all to go into Permanent Doll State.

Annabelle and Tiffany are so distraught over the thought of poor Tilly being locked away in that box (I don't know why, she's been in there for 100 years, what's another 2 weeks? lol) that they do something super drastic and uncalled for and once again, adventure ensues...

Annabelle and Tiffany decide to run away with Tilly until they can figure things out, so they go OUTSIDE into the world. Eek! There are some funny parts with cute little Tilly asking tons of questions, like "What's a cat toy" and getting excited by ladybugs on her toes. The girls hitch a ride on the neighbor boys' wagon and end up in a local park where things take an ugly turn. They get lost and dirty and realize that this was a BAD idea...and then they find out that the 2 doll brothers have followed them into the world also!

The dolls decide they should make their way back home, but since they are hopelessly lost, they end up in the downtown area and finally a department store. There they are discovered by a sales clerk and whisked back to the toy department where she thinks they belong. Here is where the "Toy Story" part comes in...each night, all the dolls come to life and have a big 'ol party. :) This part seemed to go on too long for me...Annabelle and Tiffany were so busy partying each night, that they kind of forgot they were supposed to be heading home!

But then something happens to Annabelle and she ends up broken and in the Doll Hospital, where she comes across the most terrifying thing ever...
Yep...Mean Mimi!!! Well, Princess Mimi. And she is in baaaad shape
There's a very scary dream sequence where Mean Mimi throws her loose leg at Annabelle and scares the crap out of her! Luckily, it was just a dream and turns out this Princess Mimi is already in PDS.

Annabelle gets fixed and returned back to the toy section, where they FINALLY make a plan to get back home. It all works out because these are some super smart and resourceful little dolls and they make it home before the humans. Of course, the kids are in BIIIG trouble but they are all so happy to see them, it ends up being okay.

As for Tilly? They decide to tape her back up in her box (now that's traumatic!) and hope for the best. When the humans get home, Grandma recognizes the name as her father's or somebody really old, opens it up and gives the Doll Family their baby at last. Don't worry though, Big Baby Betsy or whatever her name is, is still a part of the family too! hah!


  1. That's an awesome summary. Thanks a lot this really helped.

  2. Sounds like a really awesome book!