Saturday, September 10, 2011

Special: Baby-Sitters Club All Grown Up!

Since I just finished the first Super Special, which is a milestone, I thought I'd do something fun for it! :) So here's the first Baby-Sitters All Grown Up, starring Kristy. Because she's the prez and it was all her idea and she's the boss, yo. Yes, I know this has been done before. And before. And before. Lol...but I don't care! I wanted to make my own and it was another chance to make a Polyvore, so you know I had to take it.

I think we can all agree that Kristy turned out to be gay. And I think she secretly hoped that Mary Anne would be too, but alas, they are just best buds still. They do have a weekly Glee date on Tuesdays though; Kristy is Team Sue Sylvester while Mary Anne covets Miss Pillsbury's wardrobe.

Kristy is the head PE teacher at Stoneybrook Elementary and she's one of those "still fit" PE teachers that tells the kids they have to beat her in a foot race to the playground or they have to run laps. (I say this on personal experience, those teachers suck. *ahem* Miss P! *ahem*) In her spare time, she still coaches Little League and plays on the all-women's softball team that kicks butt each year against the dry-cleaners.

Luckily, Kristy's style has evolved drastically from turtle-necks and sweaters. Yes, she's still very casual...wearing mostly straight leg jeans, super soft, comfy button down shirts and baseball tees with lots of sneakers. She has a serious addiction to Converse, even buying the "girly" colors occasionally, and is known for them at school along with always having her hair in a ponytail and the coaches whistle around her neck. On date night, she's more likely to wear her dressier black jeans and a simple boatneck top with her "fancy" red ballet flats that Mary Anne talked her into buying. She does have a nicer black bag for evenings out, but prefers her beat-up, brown, leather satchel bag for everyday use.

One weekend trip to New York to see Stacey and the rest of the BSC girls ended with them forcing Kristy to finally buy some makeup. She refused to get the 252-eyeshadow palette Claudia pointed out and settled for a basic eyeshadow set, some mascara and a barely there lipgloss. The eyeshadow and mascara are currently gathering dust on her bathroom cabinet and she only uses the lipgloss when her lips are chapped and she can't find the Vaseline.

Kristy still has her old baseball cap with the collie on it and her old Krushers captain t-shirt and likes to wear them around the house on the weekends. Her partner despises that beat up old t-shirt and has threatened to throw it out many times.

I hope you've enjoyed this super special All Grown Up edition of the Baby-Sitters Club! Does it live up to your expectations? How do you see Kristy in the future?

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